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Providing in-air information that is updated inflight can assist the crew to make informed decisions about the route, assessing obstructions and communicating journey times with passengers and ground support.
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Airlines face a number of practical challenges when sharing inflight data between ground and cockpit crew, including finding a method to avoid un-optimized routes that miss the advantages of the latest weather conditions, burn more fuel or impact on-time performance. Flight crews also lack access to the most up-to-date information, which is easily accessible on the ground, and pilots’ workload can be improved as a result of this being available.

AIRCOM Information Services can address these challenges.

Product description

Provide your cockpit crew with on-request access to operational data inflight and on the ground through AIRCOM Information Services.

AIRCOM Information Services provides your cockpit crew with the most comprehensive coverage of airports globally. It is available for all airlines that use aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS).

Features and benefits


Local weather conditions, airport visibility, runway information and airport restrictions are just some of the vital pieces of information pilots need to know prior to take off or landing. Traditionally, the Automatic Terminal Information Services (ATIS) information was provided by radio broadcast, and only audible within a limited range near the airport. Many airports now provide the same information by means of digital ATIS (d-ATIS), which is delivered via datalink to the cockpit. Receiving this information digitally in this way can reduce the workload of pilots monitoring radio broadcasts, reduce the risk of misinterpreting the data and increase the range at which the information is available. Industry standards for d-ATIS are defined, but not all aircraft or ANSPs are compatible. AIRCOM d-ATIS Gateway service is a seamless solution supporting a wide range of aircraft types and data providers.

AIRCOM Surface Weather

SITAONAIR’s database of more than 2,000 airports, and the global datalink coverage, combines to provide Surface Weather information directly to airline flight crew whenever and wherever required. SITAONAIR delivers more than five million surface weather reports annually to a global customer base.

FMS Wind Uplink

Remaining fuel, time of arrival and the most efficient fuel levels are just some of the critical calculations performed by modern aircraft Flight Management Systems (FMS). For an FMS to make these calculations, accurate and time-sensitive weather data is a key component. It is traditionally paper based, manually entered by pilots and frequently outdated before the flight departs. FMS Wind service ensures this information is updated accurately and efficiently throughout the duration of a flight. In addition to the potential for en-route optimization, FMS Wind will reduce pilot workload, including during the turnaround phase, saving time and allowing pilots to focus on other tasks

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