Airline opportunities

A modern airline faces a number of challenges, including growing air traffic volumes, changing regulatory environments, disparate aircraft fleets, volume growth within a limited airspace and the added pressure of increased competition. This, combined with the increased focus on improving airline and passenger safety and optimizing operational efficiency, creates opportunities to meet their goals through deploying the right technology.  


Airlines face a number of practical challenges when optimizing operational efficiency, and improving airline and passenger safety, including: managing disparate aircraft fleets, managing increased volume growth and increasing pressures around the changing regulatory environment.

AIRCOM® Network Services can address these challenges.

Product description

Enable your airline’s air-to-ground communications with AIRCOM® Network Services; a highly reliable service that has been trusted by the air transport industry for more than 20 years. As SITAONAIR keeps expanding and developing the service, it becomes increasingly vital to airline operations.

Features and benefits

Hardware and software agnostic

Enable your fleet across all airframe types, all communication media and all ACARS ground hosts.

24/7, 365 support

Provide your team with round-the-clock multilingual support, as well as access to technical support staff, proactive monitoring and resolution.

AIRCOM Network Services – Cockpit Voice

AIRCOM Network Services – Cockpit Voice enables both airline and air traffic service customers to access the aircraft via a global satellite voice service.  

AIRCOM Network Services – Data

The AIRCOM Network Services – Data enables real-time communication and information exchange between aircraft, ground systems and their trusted third parties operating on the ground, such as air traffic control, weather service providers and original equipment manufacturers.

AIRCOM® Network Services product shot

Regular and reliable technology updates

Central to SITAONAIR’s AIRCOM Operational Communications service ethos is continuous development and improvement. We strive to innovate by constantly adapting our service in line with the latest technologies and available networks.  

Globally managed

AIRCOM Operational Communications provides a comprehensive, globally managed fault-tolerant air and ground communication services. This ensures airline operations are supported by the most reliable and fully integrated network consisting of VHF, digital VHF (VDL) and Inmarsat, Iridium, and Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) satellite networks, scaled according to your evolving needs.

AIRCOM® Network Services product shot