Cabin crew connectivity

The experience cabin crew provide, contributes significantly to how passengers feel about an airline’s brand. Technology and real-time connectivity can equip your cabin crew with the means to boost that satisfaction by personalizing the passenger experience. Through our applications you can give your cabin crew access to real-time passenger information, such as personal preferences, en-route baggage status and onward flights. You can also enable them to deliver an enhanced and secure retail experience through real-time credit card authorization.  

Cabin crew connectivity Stat
Cabin crew connectivity Stat
Cabin crew connectivity Stat

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A tablet interface enhancing cabin crews’ activities by digitizing paper and workflow processes, enabling them to deliver a personal service using individual customer information
  • CrewServices
  • CrewRetail
  • CrewTab
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Access to a satellite enabled network for your fleet whatever their route
  • Comes with a peace-of-mind integrated solution
  • Evolves with the airline data growing needs
  • GX Aviation performances and capacities
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A dedicated, ‘Nose-To-Tail’ connection throughout your flight providing universal coverage across all of your flights
  • Agnostic solution
  • Enhance traffic control
  • Dedicated and secure access
  • Exclusive access for the airline
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Device Management

A full lifecycle management service for market-leading, handheld devices and accessories, eliminating the hassle of backup technical support
  • Remote management
  • Global distribution
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Lower failure rate and longer lifecycle of around five years
  • Partnership with leading manufacturers
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