Flight operations connectivity

With average airline profit margins at approximately 3 percent, operational efficiency is essential to maintain performance and grow. Our applications and services can deliver real-time and visual Flight Information Services, as well as optimizing flight navigation and operations by analyzing data exchanged between pilots’ avionics and ground applications. They can also reduce turnaround times by automating communication between pilots and operational control.

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Flight operations connectivity Stat
Flight operations connectivity Stat

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AIRCOM® FlightMessenger icon

AIRCOM® FlightMessenger

An application for integrating and translating data into a format that can seamlessly feed into your IT infrastructure, helping to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ready for the future
  • Aircraft communication mailbox
  • Sequencer enabled
  • Specified data extraction
  • Support for multiple communications protocols
  • Data format management
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AIRCOM® FlightTracker icon

AIRCOM® FlightTracker

A ground-based software system that guarantees regular flight position updates and requires no modification to aircraft
  • Use ATC data to gain more insight
  • Automated alerting to help manage large fleets
  • Weather forecasts integrated with flight plans
  • Aircraft agnostic
  • Expanding ADS-B coverage
  • High-resolution ADS-B data
  • Cross-referenced position data
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AIRCOM® Information Services icon

AIRCOM® Information Services

A vital service for enabling airline operations’ air-to-ground communications
  • AIRCOM d-ATIS Gateway
  • AIRCOM Surface Weather
  • FMS Wind Uplink
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AIRCOM® FlightPlanner icon

AIRCOM® FlightPlanner

An application providing airlines with the tools to optimize operational parameters to reduce fuel, time and navigation costs
  • Surface Weather
  • Advanced Weather
  • Electronic flight folder
  • Economic fuel tankering analysis
  • Weather forecast-based route planning
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AIRCOM® Network Services icon

AIRCOM® Network Services

Unlock a significant number of cost savings and efficiencies with both data and voice services for the aircraft
  • Hardware and software agnostic
  • Regular and reliable technology updates
  • 24/7, 365 support
  • Globally managed
  • AIRCOM Network Services – Cockpit Voice
  • AIRCOM Network Services – Data
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