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On the 1st of October - SITA FOR AIRCRAFT will be presented in the Aircraft IT Webinar series
On the 1st of October - SITA FOR AIRCRAFT will be presented in the Aircraft IT Webinar series

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT - Aircraft IT Webinar

Register to view this On-Demand Webinar (recorded 30th September 2020) and join SITA FOR AIRCRAFT as they walk you through how their portfolio of Unified Aircraft Communications can be deployed to provide airlines with smart and innovative support to assist towards COVID-19 recovery.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT recently launched AoIPConnect®, the industry’s first ACARS over cellular service, and helped airlines to optimize the use of cellular, and in the near future, cabin link, capacity for non-critical data offloads. The Webinar will focus on the following key components of this solution as well as practical examples of how the SITA FOR AIRCRAFT solutions are being deployed, even through the pandemic, to provide airlines with support towards recovery:

  • Simplicity of multilink message delivery across consistent and existing communication networks
  • Intelligent ground management for seamless data and messages distribution
  • A fully managed end-to-end service with Service Level consistency
  • Low customer impact implementation with components deployed on a scalable infrastructure

Finally, you will see an overview of our new solutions being developed specifically to support communications and message management and real-time activity reporting by our customers.

The Webinar is divided into three key segments:

  1. Dynamic aircraft operator environments and diverse multilink communications ecosystems:
    The Webinar will begin with an overview of the recent SITA FOR AIRCRAFT AoIPConnect® solution as airlines continue to express an interest in innovative ACARS terrestrial cellular options as part of their overall aircraft communications strategy. Our AoIPConnect® airline launch programs are now underway with Cebu Pacific in Asia, Wizz Air in Europe and most recently, Azul Brazilian Airlines in South America, all adopting the solution.


  1. Communications operations at a glance:

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT MyFleet Cockpit is a new portal providing complete visibility on Datalink service for airlines. This platform will help airlines to gain efficiency by offering quick access to the customer’s Datalink configuration, service status, quality of service and statistics reports. In the webinar we’ll demonstrate key features of the portal, which will soon be available for customers.


  1. eWAS Pilot – The weather awareness solution:
    Get the most of eWAS Pilot when using it with ACARS over IP connectivity. eWAS Pilot can be used without connectivity during flight, but having it connected through ACARS over IP allows you to get total weather awareness at any time of your flight. With our very-low-data consumption transmission system, you get all the Nowcast information from our multiple providers. Get all the CB Satellite observations, last hour lightning impacts and even your airline’s PIREPs along your route, improving the overall safety of all your flights.