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MyFleet upcoming feature – The Connectivity Experience Score
MyFleet upcoming feature – The Connectivity Experience Score

08 Oct 2020

Deep Dive Into Your Passenger Connectivity Experience with MyFleet

MyFleet is the one-stop platform where airlines can monitor multiple metrics regarding their inflight connectivity service. The application is modular, new services can be added as needed, with a consistent look and feel adapted to the airline’s needs.

We are pleased to announce that MyFleet will be enhanced with an additional tool, the Connectivity Experience Score. 

With the growing number of connected passengers, IFC services are becoming an important factor influencing the overall passenger experience with an airline.  In 2020, the airlines need more than ever to have a rapid and easy visibility on this growing factor of their passengers’ travel experience. 
SITA for Aircraft wants to empower you with access to metrics to better monitor, measure and manage your IFC services to boost your passenger connectivity experience!

This Connectivity Experience Score will allow you to :
•    Monitor connectivity Quality of Experience and Quality of Service indicators.
•    Have a transparent view on your passenger connectivity experience.
•    Better understand passengers’ IFC needs and expectations.
•    Uncover opportunities and gaps to improve passenger satisfaction.
•    Discover what drives engagement, conversion and customer loyalty. 

Having this new Connectivity Experience Score in MyFleet is aligned with our vision to continuously provide better tools for airlines to understand their connectivity services performance and uncover opportunities to engage with passengers.  

Learn more about MyFleet here!