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SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Astronics Ballard Technology
SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Astronics Ballard Technology

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Astronics Ballard Technology

Our partnership with Astronics Ballard Technology provides an integrated product solution capable of significantly enhancing airline data communications and operations

Astronics Ballard Technology


United States

Products/Services Engaged

Astronics Ballard Technology provides reliable aircraft and avionics data interface solutions and customer support for the air transport industry and beyond.

The West Coast American Astronics subsidiary supplies everything from commercial aircraft interface devices (AIDs) and rugged embedded COTS devices, to test and simulation devices supporting all standard avionics protocols. It began supplying avionics databus interfaces to the aerospace industry in 1986 as Ballard Technology.

By producing quality, easy-to-use products, delivering standard products from stock, and providing free, world-class customer support, Astronics Ballard Technology has won loyal industry, military and government users worldwide.

In 2018, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT began partnering with Astronics Ballard Technology to provide an integrated product solution with the ability to significantly enhance airline data communications and operations.

Combining Astronics Ballard Technology’s webCS® Wireless Aircraft Communications Server, with SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s e-enabled application software, it delivers a next-generation connected aircraft ‘smart core’.

This closely integrated software and hardware solution greatly reduces deployment complexity and offers even greater value to SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s airline customers. It does this by delivering enhanced capabilities and operational efficiencies, empowering airlines to realize the promise of the connected aircraft.

It brings together vast connected aircraft operations data collected by SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s DataCapture®. It then distributes this SITA FOR AIRCRAFT-processed data onboard using Astronics Ballard Technology’s flexible webCS®, a smart AID/server/router that securely bridges avionics data with wired and wireless networks in a single compact box.

“We are extremely pleased to be selected by SITA FOR AIRCRAFT to provide the secure platform on which to build this total e-enablement solution. We share their desire to allow airline customers to access their data to enable and empower better decision-making that will streamline and transform their operations.” – Jon Neal, President, Astronics Ballard Technology.

Find out more about Astronics Ballard Technology by visiting the company website.