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SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore
SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

As a longstanding collaborator of CAAS, we developed AIRCOM® FlightTracker to enable Singapore-based carriers to first achieve 15-minute position reporting.




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The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, CAAS, provides air navigation services for over 800,000 square kilometers of airspace in Singapore, striving for the highest level of operational safety, capacity and efficiency.

CAAS' role is to enable the growth of the nation’s air hub and aviation industry, oversee and promote safety in the industry, provide air navigation services, and develop Singapore as a center of excellence for aviation knowledge and human resource development.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT is a longstanding collaborator of CAAS. As the first aviation authority to enforce 15-minute flight position reporting, SITAONAIR developed its AIRCOM® FlightTracker to enable Singapore-based carriers to achieve this within the CAAS governed airspace.

In 2019, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and CAAS announced a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the potential for space-based Very High Frequency (VHF) solution for the Singapore FIR. When used in combination with air traffic surveillance systems, the service has the potential to drastically improve airspace capacity and efficiency, complementing existing automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast (ADS-B), satellite communications (SATCOM) voice and automatic dependent surveillance-contract/controller-pilot data link communications (ADS-C/CPDLC) technologies.

“The work already done in the region and this new collaboration with SITA FOR AIRCRAFT are key steps in our efforts to invest in the future of improved air traffic management, through cutting-edge technologies. We’re excited to launch this within the Singapore FIR and provide enhanced operational efficiency for other air navigation service providers in the years to come. The addition of SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s industry and air traffic communications expertise enables CAAS to strengthen its research within the industry and continue to innovate.” – Kevin Shum, CAAS Director General

Find out more about CAAS by visiting the organization’s website.