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We’ve leveraged Inmarsat’s aeronautical mobile services for decades, today working to bring its pioneering SwiftBroadband-Safety and GX Aviation networks on-board.



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As a leading provider of satellite communications solutions to airlines, operators and passengers worldwide, Inmarsat keeps people connected at 35,000 feet in the sky.

Inmarsat’s satellite connectivity underpins the ultimate inflight connectivity experience for the entire aircraft, from voice and safety communications in the cockpit, to high-speed, reliable broadband in the cabin.

It is the owner-operator of multiple mobile satellite networks, including the GX Aviation and SwiftBroadband-Safety broadband networks. These deliver cutting-edge connectivity to the cabin and cockpit, reinventing the onboard experience for passengers and crews alike.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT has been leveraging Inmarsat’s varied aeronautical mobile services for almost three decades. This started with the Classic Aero service, deployed as part of our integrated aircraft communications service offering in the mid-1990s, and still used on thousands of aircraft today.

In 2017, we became value-added reseller for Inmarsat’s pioneering flightdeck connectivity solution, SwiftBroadband-Safety (SB-S).

As the first secure communications system for the flightdeck, SB-S meets stringent aviation requirements for safety and operational data exchange with the ground. Its global coverage is Future Air Navigation System (FANS) 1/A compliant. It delivers ACARS and safety and operational services over a robust, secured IP data link as well as multiple voice channels.

SB-S hardware is smaller, lighter and more cost-effective than other market alternatives, saving space and weight and reducing fuel burn for all aircraft types.

“We have worked closely with SITA FOR AIRCRAFT over the past 25 years to offer world-leading safety and operational efficiency satcom solutions to airlines. We are delighted to be moving this important partnership with SITA FOR AIRCRAFT forward with the distribution of SB-S. This will drive the adoption of digital flight deck technology and deliver unsurpassed operational efficiencies and enhanced safety throughout the global aviation industry.” - Captain Mary McMillan, VP Aviation Safety and Operational Services, Inmarsat Aviation, 2017

We are also VAR of award winning GX Aviation, delivering the promises of inflight connectivIty (IFC) to airlines and passengers around the world.

Combined with our expertise in service management, technical development and integration, GX Aviation has the power to transform IFC, and is constantly evolving in capabilities and coverage.

Find out more about Inmarsat by visiting the company website.