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SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Safran Electronics & Defense
SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Safran Electronics & Defense

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Safran Electronics & Defense

We work with Safran Electronics & Defense for e-Aircraft<sub>®</sub> DataHub, our transformative, cloud-based neutral data-brokering service for airlines and partners.

Safran Electronics And Defense



Products/Services Engaged

From single components to entire systems, Safran Electronics & Defense develops high precision avionics and inertial, optical and electronics solutions for aeronautics, space, astronomy and defense.

Headquartered in France, the company offers a complete range of equipment and systems, supporting civil and military aviation and beyond, that are renowned for their performance and efficiency.

Its services for airlines and operators are designed to improve flight safety and optimize fleet management and maintenance costs.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT collaborates with Safran Electronics & Defense for its e-Aircraft® DataHub solution – the secure and neutral cloud-based aircraft data-brokering and transformation service developed for airlines and their operating partners.

e-Aircraft® DataHub works by first collecting an aircraft operator or airline’s authorized raw data, then expertly classifying, decoding, storing and distributing the appropriate, structured data sets to that aircraft operator/airline’s specified third-party OEM, MRO, airframer, or other digital services partner.

The SITA FOR AIRCRAFT solution connects to aircraft operator/airline servers on the ground to identify and upload relevant, approved aircraft data files. e-Aircraft® DataHub then sorts, filters, classifies, decodes and distributes the data under the control of aircraft operators/airlines.

Once a file is made available to e-Aircraft® DataHub by the aircraft operator/airline, it is transferred immediately to e-Aircraft® DataHub for processing and decoding, leveraging core software from SAFRAN Electronics and Defense Cassiopée™ NODE, for distribution to the aircraft operator/airline’s chosen digital service partner.

Cassiopée NODE is Safran’s latest flight data processing software, which is designed to handle larger volumes of data more quickly than ever. It is intended primarily for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and operators with large fleets.

Find out more about Safran Electronics & Defense by visiting the organization’s website.