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SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Teledyne Controls
SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Teledyne Controls

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT and Teledyne Controls

We have partnered with Teledyne Controls to provide the aviation industry’s first airline-integrated ACARS over IP datalink terrestrial cellular service.

Teledyne Controls


United States

Products/Services Engaged

Teledyne Controls designs and manufactures onboard avionic and ground-based electronic systems for the aviation industry.

Its core products aim to help operators better access and manage aircraft data. They are designed to record data from multiple onboard sensors and equipment, and transfer it from the aircraft to a ground-based replay station, where it is processed and analyzed.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT has partnered with Teledyne Controls since 2017 to provide the aviation industry’s first airline integrated ACARS over IP datalink terrestrial cellular service.

By using Teledyne Controls’ GroundLink® Comm+ system, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT is able to integrate terrestrial cellular services into its core datalink network, giving airlines the flexibility of another transmission channel for aircraft communications, with multiple benefits.

Wizz Air and Cebu Pacific Air were among the first airlines to opt for the innovative ACARS over IP service. Fast-growing European airline, Wizz Air, will deploy the service across its entire fleet of more than 200 aircraft, achieving a major increase in coverage across its network, and greater resilience through the interoperable use of cellular and VHF networks.

While for the Philippines’ Cebu Pacific Air, the AoIPConnect® service enables it to transfer new generation aircraft DFD reports for engine health monitoring faster and more cost-effectively than conventional datalink. The carrier also flies to a number of domestic airports that, due to their high terrain, are unable to use VHF Ground Stations, but can instead successfully use 3G to transfer datalink messages.

“We are thrilled to join forces with SITA FOR AIRCRAFT to deliver this new datalink service. Customers have been very interested in extending datalink functionality to Teledyne’s versatile GroundLink® Comm+ system. It is now easy to quickly and securely transfer datalink data over 3G/4G wireless cellular networks worldwide.” – Marshall Dormire, Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, Teledyne Controls.

Find out more about Teledyne Controls by visiting the company website.