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AIRCOM Cockpit Services
AIRCOM Cockpit Services

AIRCOM® Cockpit Services

Our industry-leading, globally managed aircraft communications service, ensuring seamless, fault-resilient communications service delivery for all aircraft, across all networks.



As owner of one of the largest secure private networks worldwide, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT manages the world’s leading aircraft communications ecosystem. In 2019 our AIRCOM® Cockpit Services enabled around 18,000 aircraft and 250 airline customers to transmit some 10 million messages every single day.

Our complete AIRCOM® Cockpit Services is the only solution in the market offering true business continuity, with our geographically diverse, dual-processor approach ensuring in-built resilience and swift fault recovery by design.

Through our AIRCOM® Cockpit Services, carriers can access and use our market leading, multilink AIRCOM® Aircraft Network ecosystem, enabling wireless air/ground voice and data communications between the aircraft and AIRCOM® Core.

AIRCOM® Core is our integrated software and hardware solution that receives, processes, manages and distributes voice and data communications, while reducing deployment complexity. It supports two-way voice and data exchanges between our AIRCOM® Ground Network, carrier ground systems, and the AIRCOM® Aircraft Network.

With our complete AIRCOM® Cockpit Services, customers gain access to a diverse, highly integrated and ever-evolving ecosystem, encompassing conventional VHF and VDL radio spectrum, satellite networks and new generation Internet Protocol networks.

Customers who have used this product

Around 250 customers worldwide.

Features and Benefits

World-leading secure private network
SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s AIRCOM® Cockpit Services give you the complete package, including networked ground infrastructure components, service management and ground delivery of essential bi-directional voice and data, with optimum security.

Flexible radio transmission
Our leading VHF/VDL data telecommunications network is delivered via the aeronautical VHF band and our or partner ground stations worldwide. By using AIRCOM® Cockpit Services, customer aircraft may switch automatically between VHF and VDL transmissions, according to the type of ground station logged into. They can also log into ground stations operated by select organizations with internetworking agreements, such as AVICOM (Japan) and DATACOM (Brazil).

Satellite networks
Out of VHF/VDL range, AIRCOM® Cockpit Services give customer aircraft access to satellite links for two-way voice and data communications between aircraft, ground systems and other authorized third parties. Aircraft operators can subscribe for access to a variety of diverse and dedicated satellite links. These include Inmarsat’s Classic Aero, SwiftBroadband-Safety, SwiftBroadband, and Iridium’s satellite communications network.

Terrestrial cellular
AIRCOM® Cockpit Services also offer access to ACARS over IP services using terrestrial cellular. This service, delivered with our onboard AoIPConnect solution and with Teledyne Controls GroundLink Datalink, offers enhanced resilience through interoperable use of cellular and ACARS networks, increased network capacity and faster and more cost-effective data transmission.

Expert configuration
The solution manages the processing and exchange of voice and data communications in line with all industry standards including Airlines Electronic Engineering Committee (AEEC) 618, AEEC 620 and Aeronautical Telecommunications Network (ATN). We consult our customers on any avionics configurations required when using satellite links through the solution, with VHF/VDL networks set as priority.

Secure, resilient delivery
Our AIRCOM® Core is enabled through a dedicated secured IP network. This connects both customer and authorized third- party ground systems to our network using available terrestrial connections. It operates through a dual site architecture with active-active infrastructure, which provides high availability and business continuity through geographic diversity redundancy and automatic failover.

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