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AIRCOM® FlightMessenger

Our application integrates and translates data into a format that seamlessly feeds into your IT infrastructure, improving efficiency and effectiveness.



Air-to-ground communication is hugely beneficial for airlines’ aircraft operations and maintenance, making almost instant global communication and data exchanges possible.

To truly benefit, however, airlines rely on a flexible, cost-effective system to manage this key communication. This system needs to establish seamless, simple and consistent processes across diverse aircraft types – including new generation aircraft – configurations, applications and ground systems.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT AIRCOM® FlightMessenger is the industry’s leading solution, providing flexible, powerful management and integration of operational communications and data.

The user-friendly service removes points of friction, freeing airlines up to adopt common and intelligent data distribution and presentation processes.

By integrating and translating data so that it feeds seamlessly into their IT infrastructure, airlines can improve their operational efficiency and effectiveness.

With up to 4% of airline revenue lost through disruptions, and more than two-thirds of passengers put-off by delayed flights, AIRCOM® FlightMessenger is a valuable tool for upholding on-time performance.

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Features and Benefits

Fly more effectively
AIRCOM® FlightMessenger enhances operational processes and increases efficiency through better use of communication and aircraft data.

Data format management
Your IT team receive key air-to-ground data, from multiple sources, in the best format for its systems, infrastructure and distribution plans. AIRCOM® FlightMessenger supports multiple communications protocols that are easily changeable for handling and modification. MIAM, IMACS, BEGSS and more can be integrated with standard connectors.

With our application, you’re ready to easily integrate new-generation aircraft and new technologies into your operation, while maintaining streamlined and consistent processes.

Sequencer enabled
IT teams have the ability to monitor messages and create processes to ensure further expected updates occur within a set time, generating an alert if deadlines pass. This means data can be fed to an aircraft in a prescribed order, regardless of the sequence received. Multiple messages can also be combined into one.

Specified data extraction
Give your team the tools to easily extract key data from ACARS messages and add data from other sources into an easy-to-understand format, for distribution by email or SMS.

Simple yet powerful distribution
Powerful, easily configurable distribution rules filter information to ensure users have the right information at the right time.

User-friendly for smarter working
Accessible by design, the application minimizes staff training needs and enables greater collaboration and improved decision-making.

Aircraft communication mailbox
AIRCOM® FlightMessenger’s dedicated mailbox shows teams only the information they need for their flights, in an easily readable format.

Secure solution
We offer increased security levels with added encryption layers for connections to external systems which use the latest Transport Layer Security protocols.

Available 24/7
The application is available 24/7 for customers using a Windows SQL Server, by using high availability groups that ensure data is replicated. That’s even during an outage, whether planned or unplanned. It fully supports both Windows 2016 and SQL 2016.

Quick deployment
The solution and user interface can be up and running quickly.

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