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AIRCOM® FlightPlanner

An application providing airlines with the tools to optimize operational parameters to reduce fuel, time and navigation costs.



Flight planning is a key discipline in the digital day of operations, with a number of practical considerations for airlines.

Carriers want flight planning technology solutions that help them manage and maintain control over their operations while upholding safety. They want to reduce flight dispatcher workloads, and for flight planning systems to interoperate with other systems, such as scheduling solutions, operations control systems, weight and balance systems, and more.

AIRCOM® FlightPlanner delivers. The application enables operators to calculate the most efficient flight plan, which can support reduced operational costs and carbon emissions.

It selects the best possible route based on analysis of aircraft performance, weather data and route validation, as well as air traffic management requirements. It feeds seamlessly into existing airline operations, such as flight management systems, as part of SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s broader AIRCOM® portfolio.

FlightPlanner is integrated with datalink services, meaning route and wind information can be uplinked directly to aircraft flight-management systems.

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Features and Benefits

Quality flight plan calculations
AIRCOM® FlightPlanner provides highly accurate flight planning calculations, giving reliable fuel- and time-optimization calculations.

Easily integrates with other solutions
Works with key airline operational applications serving flight dispatch, flight monitoring and EFB.

Intelligent automation
The application is able to automatically generate flight plans, ingest schedules, as well as allocate work and manage change processing.

Smart operations
By using configurable business rules, AIRCOM® FlightPlanner helps to free up time for dispatch teams.

Advanced weather awareness
With our interactive graphical weather data, the application highlights the flight plan route against relevant forecast phenomena. Crew can access a wide range of weather charts and products from the UK Met Office, integrated with our flight plans. It can also be automatically tailored on a per-flight basis using pre-defined rules.

Clever workload management
Managing schedules and subsequent changes with business rules allows you to reduce dispatch team workload overheads, freeing them up to focus on important decisions.

With AIRCOM® FlightPlanner, you can access a comprehensive database of international class one NOTAM data, fully integrated with our flight plans.

Surface Weather
This additional option provides your crew with a comprehensive global database of airport weather data. This is both a legal requirement and essential for safe aircraft dispatch.

By populating the Flight Management System (FMS) with route data direct from the flight planning system, you can save pilots valuable time and avoid errors. Weather forecast updates to the FMS offer further inflight optimization opportunities.

Our optimization algorithms can be used by airlines to manage operational costs or identify fuel-efficient routes that help reduce carbon emissions.

Forecast-based route planning
Real-time weather forecast analysis and navigation restrictions allow dispatchers to select the most economical route.

ATC callsigns
AIRCOM® FlightPlanner customers can draw on air traffic control callsign data to complete air traffic control plans.

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