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ATC Network

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT provides the complete air/ground VHF infrastructure for aircraft communications, ready to be owned and operated by ANSPs.



When opting to operate its own VDL network of VHF stations, an air navigation service provider (ANSP) may choose to include a datalink processor and an aeronautical telecommunication network (ATN) router within its infrastructure.

Adding this ground ATN router enables an ANSP to operate the controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) service in its flight information region (FIR), in compliance with the European Implementing Rule on Data Link Services.

To ensure a seamless CPDLC service over ATN, the best option for an ANSP is to procure the ATN backbone service from SITA FOR AIRCRAFT.

Our service makes it possible to merge ANSP-operated infrastructure with our infrastructure into a seamless service, as seen from the aircraft. It ensures efficient routing of ATN data, regardless of the VDLm2 ground station (VGS), and supports multifrequency operations and data exchanges with neighboring ANSPs.

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Features and Benefits

Pioneering communications
As an air/ground communications pioneer, deploying ACARS-based communications for airlines operational communications (AOC) since the 1970s, we are constantly evolving our services to embrace new generation, and developing, technologies.

State-of-the-art infrastructure
Our state-of-the art infrastructure comprises a modern network giving access across several media, including VHF communications (both POA and VDLm2 frequencies); SATCOM communications via the Inmarsat, MTSAT and Iridium constellations; and new generation IP links.

Dual processing centers
Our ACARS processors in Montreal and Singapore relay between aircraft and airline operational centers, and between aircraft and ATC facilities increasingly using ACARS. These ATC applications include FANS, DCL, D-ATIS, D-VOLMET, OCL, and more.

Enabling CPDLC
Adding our ground ATN router within its infrastructure enables an ANSP to operate the controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC) service in its flight information region (FIR), in line with the European Implementing Rule on Data Link Services.

Multi-frequency innovator
As the industry leader in establishing and evolving aircraft communications services, we have deployed a complete multi-frequency ATN/VDLm2 network in European airspace. Our ATN backbone for this CPDLC service interconnects with the Collins Aerospace service, still supported by our top-quality customer service.

VGS-agnostic routing
Our ATN backbone service ensures proper routing of ATN data from air to ground, regardless of the VDLm2 ground station (VGS) station – ANSP or SITA FOR AIRCRAFT – the aircraft is using.

Effective data sharing
Our ATC Network ensures efficient dissemination of data on all routes to aircraft on the ground communication network. It also offers the possibility to exchange ATN information with adjacent ANSPs who have also contracted our ATN backbone service.

Multi-frequency ready
Our network solution makes it possible to exchange necessary frequency management information under the VHF infrastructure’s multi-frequency operation. This enables an ANSP VGS station to establish dialogue with our central frequency management system (CVME), in order to tune aircraft into auxiliary VDLm2 frequencies for efficient network load distribution, ultimately benefiting service performance.

Our comprehensive monitoring and reporting systems support the operations management of the datalink infrastructure, performance measurement, technical incidents investigation and our customer reporting scheme, assuring ANSPs with our complete round-the-clock service.

Quality assured
Our outstanding engineering and technical staff are fully trained and experienced in the development, provision and operation of our ATC Network service. All our processes are based on ITIL, so you know you’re working with people who are focused on harnessing IT capabilities to solve any business issues.


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