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ATC Services

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s managed services allow ANSPs to communicate between their Air Traffic Management systems and participating aircraft using digital services.



Air navigation service providers (ANSPs) have a fundamental need to establish communications between their Air Traffic Management systems and aircraft, to ensure the orderly and safe running of the airspaces they oversee.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s managed ATC Services – straight from the owner-operator of one of the largest global private aircraft communications networks – make this possible. We invest in and expand on ATC Services year-on-year to support and strengthen the network for vital ANSP-aircraft exchanges around the world.

Our ATC Services provide support for everything including Pre-FANS managed communication services to airport towers and en-route services, FANS-managed communication services and ATN/VDLm2 managed communication services.

All our ATC Services encompass fault-resilient IP link interconnectivity, which provides access from the ANSP-run IP Network to our network.

Customers who have used this product

23 ANSPs in Europe have contracted our ATN backbone service. Meanwhile 16 have selected our VDLm2 service to support ATN communication rather than owning/operating their VDL infrastructure.

110+ towers are connected with Pre-FANS managed communication services.

55+ area control centres are connected with FANS managed communication services.

Features and Benefits

24/7, 365 expert ATC Services support
We operate a 24-hour, seven day-per-week, year-round service desk dedicated to supporting AIRCOM® air-ground datalink services. All of our processes are ITIL-based, ensuring you get a top-quality and holistic business response.

Managed Pre-FANS communications
We provide Pre-FANS managed communication services to airport towers, and for some en-route services. This includes our D-ATIS Managed Service to support the D-ATIS application; our D-VOLMET Managed Service, enabling a flight information region (FIR) to support the D-VOLMET application; our DCL Managed Service to support the DCL application; and our OCL Managed Service to support the OCL application.

Managed FANS communications
Our ATC Services also offer a managed communication service to en-route air traffic control centers, to support the FANS-1/A AFN (Logon), CPDLC and ADS-C applications.

Managed ATN/VDLm2 communications
Our ATN/VDLm2 managed communication service provides access to the VDLm2 infrastructure covering the airspace controlled by an ANSP. It also grants access to our ATN backbone to exchange FANS 2/B CPDLC or ADS-C messages with aircraft flying in the ANSP airspace.

Multi-dimensional service
Our Pre-FANS and FANS managed communication services customers benefit from our multi-dimensional service. This encompasses AIRCOM® specialist technical support, service advisories, monthly traffic and performance reports and access to aircraft using our ACARS datalink service. Our ATC Services also make ATS internetworking with other communications service providers possible, enabling access to aircraft using non-SITA FOR AIRCRAFT ACARS datalink services where needed. Customer configuring and technical support for investigating performance issues also form a key part of our ATC Services.

Industry compliant
Our Pre-FANS and FANS managed communication services comply with industry standards, including EUROCAE ED-85A for DCL; EUROCAE ED-89A for D-ATIS and D-VOLMET; EUROCAE ED-106A for OCL; and RTCA DO-258A/EUROCAE ED-100A for FANS-1/A.

Enhancement of voice operations
Our Pre-FANS managed communication services overcome the shortcomings of voice operations and procedures such as controller-pilot misunderstandings, transcription errors, non-standard phraseology and frequency congestion.

Pre-FANS available on request
We open Pre-FANS managed communication services on request by or issuance from ANSPs relating to a particular airport’s airport improvement program (AIP).

Boost safety with FANS
Our FANS managed communication service offers various benefits for safety and capacity, in addition to overcoming operational limitations associated with VHF/HF voice operations at busy airports. Through the application of CPDLC, phraseology is standardized with pre-formatted messages, helping to minimize misunderstanding to enhance safety. With ADS-C, aircraft position information can be automatically downlinked. Using CPDLC and ADS-C facilitates dynamic routing which enables ANSPs to choose a more fuel-efficient flight route, while also supporting potential reductions in separation minima.

Multi-frequency innovator
As the industry leader in establishing and evolving aircraft communications services, we have deployed a complete multi-frequency ATN/VDLm2 network in European airspace. Our ATN backbone for this CPDLC service interconnects with the Collins Aerospace service, also supported by our quality customer service.


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