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ATC Systems

Our ATC systems for airport control towers and area control centers enable ANSPs to exchange and manage ATC datalink messages with aircraft pilots.



Managing efficient and clear datalink exchanges with aircraft pilots is one of the primary goals of an air navigation service provider.

Those data exchanges range from weather messages and clearance for departures, to operational data for an airport, and CPDLC instructions. These various sets of messages are known as standardized applications called ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service), VOLMET (weather information during flight), DCL (Departure CLearance) and CPDLC (Controller-Pilot Datalink Communication).

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s ATC Systems for airport control towers and area control centers make all these datalink messaging exchanges possible. Our multifaceted ATC Systems service area comprises a wealth of solutions to automate and ease the processes involved.

Our ATC Systems incorporate the following solutions:

  • AIRCOMEvatis – enabling the automatic broadcast of mission-critical weather and airport operational messages at the airport
  • AIRCOMClever – automatically delivering departure clearance information to pilots
  • AIRCOMEvamet – automating the broadcast of mission-critical messages for en-route flights, such as weather information
  • AIRCOMCATS (Centralized ATS Server) – providing D-ATIS/D-VOLMET/DCL datalink service with the capability of handling multiple airports through a central server
  • ACW – allowing the exchange of FANS 1/A CPDLC or ADS-C messages with aircraft
  • DL-FEP – connecting ANSP ATM systems to the ATN or ACARS networks, making the exchange of CPDLC or ADS-C messages with aircraft possible.

Customers who have used this product

20+ ANSP customers around the world have selected one or more of our systems, amounting to more than 160 tower systems at airports.

Features and Benefits

Our ATC Services enable the exchange of automatic terminal information service messages (ATIS), which provide operational and weather information for a given airport. ATIS information is recorded as voice by the tower controller and is broadcast on a dedicated Very High Frequency (VHF) frequency channel. D-ATIS, meanwhile, enables ATIS information to be sent directly to the cockpit as text via datalink.

We facilitate Digital-VOLMET (D-VOLMET) for the automatic broadcast of mission-critical messages, such as weather information, for en-route flights, requiring minimal-to-no intervention by air control tower staff. This allows en-route aircraft to request and receive messages as digital text for any given flight information region (FIR). It also handles the automatic creation, update and delivery of weather information for a FIR, including as a series.

Platform-agnostic ground-end systems
With our AIRCOMEvatis and AIRCOMEvamet D-ATIS and D-VOLMET ground-end system solutions, ANSPs can transmit ATIS and VOLMET information via both VHF voice broadcast (plus HF for D-VOLMET) and ACARS datalink. Our solutions enable an easy, highly available and scalable implementation of the D-ATIS or D-VOLMET service on any airport platform.

Datalink for departure clearance
Before leaving the aircraft’s parking stand, a pilot is required to request departure clearance (DCL) to obtain start-up and departure information for their flight. With our datalink-based DCL system, pilots operating datalink-equipped aircraft can send and receive DCL requests and information efficiently using their on-board datalink equipment (ACARS). This helps to unlock greater efficiencies in the cockpit, ultimately benefiting departure timeliness and efficient use of airlines assets.

AIRCOMClever data transmission
Our AIRCOMClever solution shifts conventional controller-pilot DCL dialogue from voice via the VHF radio channel to data using the ACARS datalink channel. It enables ANSPs to receive DCL requests from the cockpit and transmit DCL to departing aircraft via datalink.

Single service, national reach
Our AIRCOMCATS system provides D-ATIS/D-VOLMET/DCL datalink services that are capable of handling multiple airports. By implementing our AIRCOMCATS datalink dual redundant server, ANSPs can offer nationwide D-ATIS datalink service from a single ground system – typically at hub airports or at the ANSP technical center. Our AIRCOMCATS server is also geared up to provide a datalink D-ATIS/D-VOLMET service that receives information from systems other than those we provide. This is possible for local systems with an external interface for issuing ATIS/VOLMET messages to the CATS system.

Facilitating FANS1/A exchanges
ACW is our system that allows the exchange of FANS 1/A CPDLC or ADS-C messages with aircraft. It brings together a communication application, interfacing with an ANSP Control Center, together with an ACARS datalink network, HMI applications and a flight plan application that receives information from the ANSP’s flight plan management system. HMI applications allow controllers to exchange CPDLC messages with pilots and visualize ADS-C reports on a radar-like view.

Data Link – Front End Processor (DL-FEP)
Developed in partnership with Thales, our DL-FEP system allows FANS 2/B ATM systems to communicate with ATN or FANS-equipped aircraft exchanging CPDLC or ADS-C messages. Our DL-FEP system automatically accommodates FANS 2/B CPDLC messages into FANS 1/A ones, in order to allow the ANSP to communicate with aircraft overflying their airspace, whatever their CPDLC equipment (ATN or FANS). The solution complies with ICAO and EUROCAE standards for delivering the Europe-wide CPDLC service mandated by the European Commission in 2018.

Reinforced by our managed services
Our AIRCOMEvatis, AIRCOMEvamet, AIRCOMCATS, AIRCOMClever and ACW systems require SITA FOR AIRCRAFT Pre-FANS managed services, to ensure communication with aircraft. The DL-FEP system, meanwhile, requires ATN and optional FANS managed services to achieve aircraft communication.



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