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Our industry-first ACARS over IP solution, AoIPConnect®, enables operators to easily transfer air/ground ACARS messages over IP links as needed.


New-generation IP links offer airlines and other operators an alternative channel for their datalink communications where appropriate. This capability can be a game changer when the air/ground communications capacity of conventional methods, such as VHF radio networks, becomes stretched.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s fully managed ACARS over IP solution, AoIPConnect®, makes it possible for carriers to use these alternative, cost-effective network links on the ground, instead of radio.

Designed to be fully integrated within the industry’s established aircraft datalink communications ecosystem, AoIPConnect® enables aircraft operators to make use of these other links.

Using the aircraft’s AID and SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s AIRCOMConnect® software module, AoIPConnect® enables users to transfer ACARS messages over any IP-based communications interface.

With AoIPConnect®, all ACARS services are handled seamlessly, from monitoring and support to delivering complete visibility through our AIRCOM® Vision portal, and monthly traffic and performance reports.

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Features and Benefits

Unparalleled expertise
Our decades of experience as a datalink service provider, adopting industry best practice, have fed directly into AoIPConnect®.

We keep it simple
By integrating the AoIPConnect® service seamlessly into our global aircraft datalink communications ecosystem, customers benefit instantly from multilink delivery across consistent and existing interfaces. Removing complexity for airlines means they can benefit from our fully-managed ACARS over cellular service, in addition to our other networks.

SLA consistency
Integrating AoIPConnect® into the wider datalink ecosystem allows us to maintain Service Level Agreements for services using existing ACARS media.

Fully-managed service
As an end-to-end service, we ensure all ACARS services are handled seamlessly, from support and monitoring, to complete visibility via our AIRCOM Vision portal and monthly traffic and performance reports.

Easy conversion
AoIPConnect® makes switching between conventional ACARS and IP simple, enabling easy connection to the communications management unit (CMU) using SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s AID and software.

Intelligent ground management
Using bespoke modules in our core ACARS processing centers, we manage AoIPConnect® traffic just as we would any other ACARS traffic. We are also able to seamlessly distribute data and messages to customers with the existing ACARS Host via AEEC 620.

Low-impact implementation
There is no additional internal cost, bespoke airline set-up or specific, internal IT project required to deploy AoIPConnect®.

Best practice for uplink
We follow the best tracking information for uplink delivery and allow for swift re-routing in the event of media switching, with no degradation in performance.

Aircraft operational communications
AOC communications such as load sheet and flight plans are processed in a timely fashion, as is full tracking visibility and ACARS media switching.


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Find out more about the strategic partnership and collaboration involved in delivering AoIPConnect®, our industry-first ACARS over IP solution enabling operators to transfer air/ground ACARS messages using IP links.

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