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A tablet interface digitalizing cabin crew processes to support greater operational efficiency, better performance and enhanced passenger satisfaction via personalized service.


Empowering your crew. Go digital for greater operational efficiency. Unlock possibilities today.

In today’s digitally enabled world, operational efficiency, reduced costs and top performance are key drivers for airlines wanting to harness the benefits of digital transformation for their business.

But it’s not just about simply carrying out a flight. Today, what matters is how well you do it, with the metrics at hand to inform your airline’s decision making and uphold effective operations.

In this, empowering your airline’s crews with the tools that enable them to offer a high-quality onboard service is key in supporting enhanced passenger satisfaction.

CrewTab, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s powerful yet easy-to-use tablet dashboard, digitizes cabin crew activities before, during and post-flight, to support greater operational efficiency, empowered crews and personalized service excellence.

By connecting with multiple airline IT systems, dedicated modules for each cabin process and a powerful business intelligence (BI) tool, CrewTab enables airlines to unlock unlimited possibilities for digital transformation.

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Features and Benefits

Core Modules
CrewTab has a core of five modules, focused around passengers, forms, manuals, crew and messaging.

Passenger Module
Provides a live passenger count – complete with special service request information, from accessibility to dietary requirements – is displayed in a searchable seat map view with helpful filters.

Forms Module
Offers digitized and contextual forms, automatically pre-filling known fields from passenger and flight information. Completed forms are synched post-flight and distributed in various formats to specified teams and systems.

Manuals Module
Here all documentation is automatically synced using date, class and distribution rules. Documentation is easy to find, thanks to a folder-based system, with read notifications also available.

Crew Module
This module lets crew members know who they are working with on a specific flight, with thumbnails displaying individuals’ spoken languages, additional qualifications and crew positions.

Messaging Module
Allows notifications and messages to be sent from ground operations staff to cabin crew tablets while the aircraft is inflight.

Increased passenger satisfaction
Digitizing paper-based forms frees time for cabin crew to focus on assisting passengers. Our ‘Alert on Pax’ feature also equips cabin crews to seamlessly deliver an ever-more personalized passenger experience. This is enabled through expert integration with an airline’s customer relationship management (CRM) or loyalty system.

Digitization of paper-based workflow processes
Digitizing onboard processes offers many benefits, including enabling an airline to significantly reduce its paper weight and fuel consumption – helping to reduce costs and promote sustainability.


Improved back-end processes and reduced costs
Paper reports need administration on the ground, whether via a colleague’s review, or by physically inputting paper-based data into the airline’s digital system. CrewTab streamlines and synchronizes the whole process, helping to reduce costs. Standardizing data flows also means information is airline analytics ready.

Easy installation
Our deep integration expertise allows for the seamless integration of aircraft systems, ground systems and customer IT systems.

Customizable solution
Beyond its core set-up, CrewTab offers a rich menu of optional added-value functionality supporting crew, passenger and business intelligence, with more features added every quarter:

Crew functionality
Enhance your operational efficiency and crew performance and cut down costs by choosing from our Service Checklist, Roles & Positioning, Crew Alerts, Crew News, Enhanced Flight Report, Inventory, Onboard Dining, Passenger Announcements, Crew Performance & Assessment, Log Book.

Passenger functionality
Enrich your service to passengers by integrating CrewTab with your CRM or loyalty program to bring enhanced passenger info onboard and update existing information with new data captured inflight; assure service consistency among all flights with our easy Passenger Compensation workflow based on your set business rules; or enable crew to offer the best service possible by easily viewing available seats on board (free, paid, extra legroom, etc.) in order to offer a change of seat when needed. You can also set alerts and reminders for specific passenger requests or customize service per child age group.

Business operations functionality
Improve your decision making through powerful dashboards offering in-depth insights with our Business Intelligence tool. Be in control of how you connect over different networks and manage your costings with Smart Connectivity, or enhance your operational efficiency through various dedicated tools on our Admin Portal, such as Form Processing, Filter Configuration, Missing Mandatory Forms and many more.

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