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Internet ONAIR

Gives passengers a personalized inflight internet connection, and a unique experience, across every device.



Today’s passengers expect a consistent and high-speed internet connection while flying, the quality and availability of which can even influence carrier choice.

However, providing connectivity for all passengers throughout their journey raises a number of challenges. Not only does any network need to reliably support a large number of simultaneous connections – it must be easily accessible from multiple devices, meet the needs of different passenger classes as stipulated by the airline, and provide return on investment.

Given the growing number of data-hungry devices, the technology must also be future-proof, and able to cope with high bandwidth usage. At the same time, passengers expect a variety of touchpoints and payment options, including the ability to choose between a pay-per-use or advertising sponsored freemium connection.

Providing intuitive and personalized internet access, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s Internet ONAIR solution can address these challenges.

When using Internet ONAIR, passengers can connect by simply opening a browser and entering their credentials, as they would with a standard public hotspot. With its fully customizable interface and services, tailored to the airline’s brand and needs, there’s flexibility to make the online experience unique to the airline and their passengers. This is thanks to Internet ONAIR’s bespoke features such as bandwidth prioritization, content filtering, background traffic reduction and adapted price plans.

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Features and Benefits

Wi-Fi as a differentiator
Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering a public internet service accessible inflight from all passenger devices – for a fee, or as a complimentary service.

Passenger interface
Customize the Internet ONAIR portal to reflect your brand and deliver your messaging direct to customers, while offering a personalized experience by identifying them by frequent flyer ID or seat number.

Easy payment and billing
Flexibility to offer passengers a range of payment methods, including credit cards, Apple Pay, Alipay and promo codes. Loyalty programs with frequent flyer miles can also be integrated as an additional payment method.

Service packaging
Thanks to standard integration with major DCS solutions, airlines can offer specific benefits for a targeted audience based on passenger profiles. This enables you to personalize the connectivity experience for premium passengers, such as VIP, First and Business class and loyalty program members.

Turn the portal into a strong advertising platform with predefined banner placements and lead generation forms. Offer advertisers the opportunity to gain exposure for their campaigns with certain passenger groups (such as First and Business Class), thanks to Internet ONAIR’s segment targeting capabilities.


Traffic management
Manage the network resources with real-time policies based on service, subscriber, or usage, and optimize the available bandwidth to ensure the best service experience for your passengers.

Content filtering
Control passenger usage as part of specific connectivity offers or prevent users from accessing inappropriate content. Blacklists and whitelists can be set based on specific lists of domains and URLs.

Dedicated customer care
Round-the-clock access to a comprehensive set of support services for the full suite of connectivity products, tailored to customer requirements.

Connectivity retail
Access to a powerful billing engine that provides a variety of payment options and enables tracking, reconciliation and reporting at a B2B level.

Gather insights
Use inflight connectivity to enrich your interactions with passengers, turning them into loyal brand advocates while also capturing user behavior and expanding your frequent flyer base.

Onboard security
Secured HTTPS encryption from passenger device to payment gateway.

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