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Our aircraft Internet of Things service area uses our open approach to technology innovation and integration to turn the IoT concept into industry reality.


For airlines and other carriers, there are clear benefits to be found in having access to an increasingly detailed and complete live picture of their entire operation. Everything from sensing and enhancing the passenger's onboard journey, aircraft status and maintenance needs, to their live fleet operations, cargo, crew management, and more.

At SITA FOR AIRCRAFT, we believe that by turning the aircraft Internet of Things (IoT) from concept into reality, IoT can deliver these capabilities, truly unlocking the potential of connected airlines and aircraft.

By applying our characteristic open platforms approach in our IoTConnect® service area, we are pioneering the onboard IoT ecosystem. Starting with our aircraft IoT project for AirBridgeCargo and CargoLogicAir, we have applied aircraft IoT to monitor the real-time journey of sensitive cargo, in a first for the industry.

Our aim is to develop further IoT capabilities for the industry that are fit-for-purpose, compliant with safety standards, and cost-effective for airlines – while supporting their technology choices, adoption and related investments.

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Features and Benefits

Open approach to IoT innovation
Aircraft IoT, as with ground applications, will enable an aircraft to connect with sensor-equipped “things” in its immediate environment. We can innovate new IoT capabilities through connecting to mobile assets, turning the aircraft into an IoT sensor to build a live picture, as well as monitoring fixed aircraft components.

Direct, positive impact
Airlines stand to benefit in countless ways from the evolution of the aircraft IoT, from improving passenger experience and cargo management, ensuring regulatory compliance and more efficient resource utilization, to reducing crew workload and supporting increased productivity. IoT capabilities could also facilitate a reduction in maintenance and operational costs and generate vital analytics that in turn enable crews to make decisions that avoid or minimize issues inflight.

Open platform approach
We are developing an open platform designed to be compliant with existing aviation regulations, while also taking into account industry norms, such as those relating to cargo. This managed aircraft communication and data management value stack will be securely integrated with aircraft avionics and best-in-class service level agreements.

Flexible integration
With open application programing interfaces, dispatching structured data to the airline inflight and on the ground, we aim to enable flexible integration with existing and new applications. This provides continuous data bridging for all processes and applications.

Core technology
Our open platform and service architecture approach leverages the aircraft interface device capable of accommodating several ranges of virtual edge gateways, as well as relying on our established communications and managed service. This enables any airline investing in DataCapture® and AppsConnect® to use the same AID and service stack for aircraft IoT solutions.

First aircraft IoT for air cargo
SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s IoT solution for monitoring the status of sensitive air cargo inflight was developed for AirBridgeCargo and CargoLogicAir and was the first of its kind to deliver such capabilities.

Innovation leader
SITA FOR AIRCRAFT has been recognized at both the World Cargo Symposium, and by the International Air Transport Association as an IoT thought leader for its IoT inflight cargo monitoring achievements.

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