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Mobile ONAIR

Offers a global inflight connection enabling passengers to use their mobile phone network exactly as if they were on the ground.


It’s estimated there will be nearly 5.8 billion unique mobile subscribers by 2025, fueling appetites for inflight mobile connectivity, alongside the growing Bring Your Own Device trend.

However, providing mobile connectivity to all passengers inflight presents a number of challenges.

How will various mobile phone carriers be serviced while in the air? How can the inflight cellular service be monetized? How can a frictionless gate-to-aircraft service be provided? And how to offer the most appropriate passenger experience?

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s Mobile ONAIR solution addresses all these challenges. It offers global agreements with mobile network operators (MNOs), a seamless connectivity experience for the passengers, and clear return on investment for the airline or partner.

Passengers simply turn on their mobile phones to instantly use the ONAIR network, just as they would do in a roaming situation on the ground.

If not included in a roaming bundle, usage charges may be applied by the domestic mobile phone carrier and will appear as additional standard roaming charges on the user’s monthly bill.

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Features and Benefits

Domestic service, inflight
Once connected, the passenger will experience a high quality connection, comparable to that on the terrestrial mobile network.

More than 400 worldwide agreements with MNOs
Under our agreements with mobile network operators around the world, airline customers can offer Mobile ONAIR as an easy and global inflight connectivity option for all passengers.

Monetize connectivity
As the volume of cellular users onboard expands, so too does the ancillary revenue potential for the airline or partner.

Simple and seamless
The passenger simply needs to turn on their mobile phone, instantly enabling them to connect to mobile data or send text messages while they fly.

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No hidden costs or restrictions
The ONAIR network is a GSMA premium operator, allowing both contract and pre-paid tariff users to access a unique network of global, inflight roaming coverage. All costs are communicated in advance via the usual roaming SMS. The billing is managed by the passenger’s domestic MNO and appears as an additional charge on the monthly bill, if not included in a bundle.

4G on-board, 5G ready
We are developing a project that will enhance the Mobile ONAIR product. The airborne solution will enable multi-cellular networks on-board the aircraft using 3G and 4G and paving the way to 5G. The equipment is rapidly installed, and compatible on any existing platform as a standalone solution, or alongside a Wi-Fi based service.

24/7, 365 customer support
We offer a 24/7 single point of contact for global support along with expert connectivity consultancy and advice from the customer application delivery specialists.

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