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A unique portal giving airline customers and partners full visibility of their SITA FOR AIRCRAFT service performance in real-time, over time, and across the fleet.



When it comes to internet connection quality, passengers expect an always-on service with maximum bandwidth. The availability and quality of inflight connectivity (IFC) onboard can, therefore, have a big part to play in passengers’ choice of who to fly with.

To ensure they are maximizing the value of their IFC investments, and delivering for connected passengers, airlines expect visibility over their chosen solutions’ performance.

With SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s MyFleet portal, we give carriers peace of mind by providing full transparency over how their subscribed IFC services are performing.

MyFleet is the one-stop shop where airline customers or partners can monitor their inflight connectivity service performance, spot trends over time, and analyze passenger behavior and service availability.

The MyFleet application is modular, which means new services can be added as needed, with a consistent look and feel adapted to the airline’s or partner’s needs.

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MyFleet is used by all SITA FOR AIRCRAFT customers including:

Features and Benefits

Fleet alternative views
With its different viewing options, including tiles, tables and maps, MyFleet can be adapted to the monitoring needs of different users, e.g. for business intelligence, maintenance, or engineering.

IFC customer charts
The charts for Mobile ONAIR and Internet ONAIR customers can be filtered by various items depending on the user’s monitoring needs. This can be done by flight or tail number, platform and satellite, service, departure/destination, cities, price plans and more. The advanced visual charts give sight over comprehensive business and technical information, including access to flight history, enabling the airline customer or partner to spot trends over time. MyFleet’s charts are also designed to reflect any Mobile and Internet ONAIR product developments.

Documents and reports
The central interfaces for MyFleet enable users to upload and share documents and download reports. Different access rights can be granted to create folders limited to specific user groups. With MyFleet’s document section we can also share reports and other files directly with the airline customer or partners.

View incident tickets
MyFleet’s users can view open issue tickets and history, filter and search for closed tickets, and monitor ticket progress, by using the ticketing module. Monitoring incident updates is easy, with MyFleet also making it possible to raise event and service enquiries through the application.


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