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OptiCruise allows pilots and airlines to achieve significant fuel savings and carbon emission reductions. It is made up of OptiSpeed, OptiDirect and OptiLevel.



Bringing Data Science into the cockpit to reduce fuel burn and emissions

Aircraft produce vast amounts of flight data which are recorded and stored for safety purposes. This data also provides valuable information with regards to each aircraft’s individual performance and trajectories that can be used to further improve flight efficiency.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT has partnered with start-up Safety Line to offer OptiCruise, a unique predictive in-flight guidance solution that can be offered as a fully integrated add-on to SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s eWAS Pilot app.

OptiCruise helps pilots and airlines limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by optimizing the cruise phase thanks to machine learning performance models, accurate 4D weather forecasts, and customized recommendations for each flight.

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Features and Benefits

Achieve significant fuel savings and carbon emission reductions
Safety Line’s software solutions for the cruise phase, OptiSpeed, OptiDirect and OptiLevel, collectively called OptiCruise, help pilots and airlines limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and operational costs by reducing fuel consumption of the aircraft during the cruise phase of a flight:

  • OptiSpeed shows pilots the fuel and time impact of Mach speed variations with the objective of on-time arrival at the best fuel / time ratio.
  • OptiDirect recommends shortcuts based on historical flight data and indicates possible fuel and time savings.
  • OptiLevel advises pilots on the best initial flight level and cruise level changes, taking tailwinds and headwinds into account.
  • The Green Operating Practices module is fully customisable to display any other flight efficiency Best Practices the airline has implemented as applicable to each flight

Make airline operations more efficient and become more environmentally friendly at the same time!

Complement eWAS Pilot with OptiCruise to optimise the cruise phase while staying aware of weather events.

Universal design
OptiCruise optimizes the cruise phase for entire fleets, whatever the aircraft type or connectivity link.

A decision aid tool
Flight crews receive flight efficiency recommendations which can be visualized in the eWAS Pilot app alongside weather events for fully informed decisions, to reduce fuel burn and C02 emissions while maintaining passenger safety and comfort.

User-centric application
Pilots receive easy to use flight efficiency recommendations straight to their tablets, smartphones and on-board devices before and during flight aboard a connected aircraft.

Fully compatible
OptiCruise is fully integrated with eWAS Pilot, available for Apple or Windows devices.

Easy to integrate
The solution integrates with all leading flight-planning vendors, is fully scalable and requires no new airline infrastructure.

Connectivity agnostic
Whenever eWAS Pilot is connected for updates over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G on the ground, and any available cabin or cockpit broadband link in the air, that same connectivity allows to refresh OptiCruise recommendations at the same time.

Helps minimize carbon footprint
OptiLevel helps pilots evaluate at which flight level they will consume less fuel taking into account wind differences. OptiDirect shortcuts will save both time and fuel. In fact, the spare time can even be converted into additional fuel savings thanks to speed adjustments for on-time arrival.

Supporting airline sustainability commitments
Implementing the most innovative and effective flight efficiency solutions helps airlines fulfil their sustainability commitments and maintain brand reputation.

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