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Unified Cabin Solution

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s Unified Cabin Solution delivers a fully managed, harmonized inflight connectivity service experience across diverse avionics, satellite links and fleets.


Inflight connectivity (IFC) providers have two main functions. Firstly, to enable IFC via a satellite link for specific avionics. And secondly, to manage IFC sessions and service delivery to passengers based on the airline’s requirements, by acting as an internet service provider (ISP).

For various reasons, most airlines have chosen different IFC providers and therefore, have different ISPs.

As well as creating a challenging operating environment for the airline, having multiple ISPs can translate into a fragmented experience for passengers as end users – whether that is in different price plans or portals, different payment methods or care programs, and more. This inconsistency could have a negative impact on passenger satisfaction, and even brand reputation in turn – something every airline naturally wants to avoid.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s Unified Cabin Solution makes the seamlessly harmonized ISP experience possible, regardless of onboard avionics, connectivity links, and current IFC providers.

Acting as an internet service provider across fleets, the Unified Cabin Solution not only provides a harmonized portal and customer experience – it also delivers unified IFC service management for airline customers.

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Features and Benefits

The ultimate service provider
Our Unified Cabin Solution brings together our unique knowledge and experience of airline and passenger needs, regulatory compliance and expertise in managing data traffic. Together, we help airlines deliver a truly harmonized IFC service experience, in line with their needs and technology preferences.

Fleet-wide integration
The Unified Cabin Solution integrates with most IFC providers to deliver a harmonized passenger experience across airline fleets, onboard avionics and satellite links.

Consistent UX
With the airline’s IFC portal, we achieve a harmonious look and feel across both the user interface and user experience.

Consistent personalization
We work to ensure the personalization of the service is consistent across fleets, hardware and connectivity, whether that’s for specific promotional codes, price plans or frequent flyer program offers.

Simplified purchasing
We work at making the connected experience seamless for passengers from the point of booking through to flight. The airline can make it possible for passengers to purchase inflight connectivity sessions when booking flights, or on-board, and continue using an unfinished session on a follow-on flight.

Simpler for airlines
For an airline with multiple IFC providers, we’ll simplify service management by bringing it all into one place. There will be a unique point of contact for internet service requests and changes.

Enhanced service quality
We work to ensure the service’s performance is optimal, with our fleet-wide monitoring and IFC session quality measurement.

Costs optimization and revenue management
We help maximize the cost effectiveness of IFC in various ways. We provide a wealth of engaging inflight connectivity options to suit any passenger, from enabling passengers to purchase IFC sessions with their flight ticket, to offering our inflight Chat Plan. We also proactively manage IFC data traffic to optimize the satellite traffic and costs across fleets regardless of the satellite providers.


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