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e-Aircraft® DataHub
e-Aircraft® DataHub

e-Aircraft® DataHub

Our neutral, cloud-based data-brokering and transformation service, empowering effective collaboration between aircraft operators, airlines and digital service partners, to unlock possibilities today.



Understanding aircraft- and part-performance big data is vital for transforming business operations across the air transport industry (ATI).

For both aircraft operators, airlines and aviation data service partners, actionable, timely insights empower decision making, by driving analytical accuracy, greater operational efficiencies, and reduced costs and risk. That cuts across everything, from minimizing maintenance costs and maximizing aircraft availability, to empowering digital service teams – airframers, OEMs, MROs and other service companies – to improve efficacy.

At SITA FOR AIRCRAFT we have developed e-Aircraft® DataHub to support the ATI’s increasing need to collaborate over data, and address the challenges currently holding it back.

Built on our decades of experience managing multi-fleet data for aircraft operators and airlines, e-Aircraft® DataHub is the first, industry-neutral, cloud-based community data-brokering and transformation platform.

It brings distinct benefits to both aircraft operators, airlines and aviation digital service partners, meeting the needs of everyone within the airline ecosystem.

e-Aircraf DataHub works by collecting an aircraft operator or airline’s authorized raw data, then expertly classifying, decoding, storing and distributing appropriate, structured data sets to aircraft operator or airline-specified digital service partners. Keeping control and ownership of aircraft data firmly in aircraft operator and airline hands, it gives digital service partners the greater insight they need to drive mutually beneficial enhancements to products, services and in-house operations.

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Features and Benefits

Supports all industry needs
e-Aircraft® DataHub comes straight from the industry leader in cloud-based data-brokering services. As a trusted, neutral intermediary, we are perfectly placed to connect all aviation service partners with the tailored data collaboration they need.

The complete picture
e-Aircraft® DataHub comprehensively aggregates all inflight aircraft data traffic and provides a timely end-of-flight service for bigger, multi-format data sets. This universal platform handles global fleets aircraft types and data formats across numerous industry use cases for distribution to multiple destinations.

Air/ground interaction
The cloud-based solution connects to aircraft operator or airline ground servers to identify and upload approved aircraft data files. It then sorts, filters, classifies, decodes and distributes the data as directed by the aircraft operator or airline.

24/7 SITA FOR AIRCRAFT support
It is supported by SITA FOR AIRCRAFT’s technical support staff, with round-the-clock multilingual data management support, ensuring fast and precise service.

Security assured
e-Aircraft® DataHub is secured by state-of-the-art IT measures in line with ISO 27001 requirements.

Benefits for aircraft operators and airlines

e-Aircraft® DataHub empowers aircraft operators and airlines to put their data in a trusted digital space and share it with their chosen partners. Crucially, it enables aircraft operators and airlines to maintain control over data ownership and distribution, avoiding the tensions of service competition. No other solution gives aircraft operators and airlines control in this way.

Full data control
The tool is designed to place aircraft operators and airlines firmly in the driving seat, enabling them to avoid routing all aircraft data through the airframer. Aircraft operators and airlines can filter data to release only ‘’need to know’’ data.

No new IT project, no cost
There is no cost to aircraft operators or airlines for using e-Aircraft® DataHub, and minimal IT effort is required. With e-Aircraft® DataHub, aircraft operators or airlines do not need to set up new IT projects for every data transaction or sharing relationship, which means no extra hassle or associated costs. It achieves this by securely aggregating and dissecting all relevant data into one single, neutral place, serving as a vital vault for information.

Simple set-up
Once an aircraft operator or airline has formally agreed to share its data with a chosen aviation digital service partner, its data-sharing agreement can then be automatically extended to any others, whenever it wants. In short, once the work is done for one partner, it’s done for all.

Benefits for aviation digital service partners

Enriched data
e-Aircraft® DataHub incorporates rich contextual data alongside its core aircraft data, making it more applicable and representative for OEM, MRO, airframer and other digital service companies’ use cases.

Enhanced customer service
With the deep and timely data insights e-Aircraft® DataHub delivers, aviation digital service partners can enhance their service for customers. With greater insight, partners are equipped to identify and act on opportunities to reduce airline maintenance costs, risks and AOGs, and maximize fleet operation, condition, and aircraft operator and airline satisfaction.

Internal excellence
This greater knowledge and visibility also present numerous opportunities for aviation digital service partners to enhance in-house activities and processes. This might be to raise internal understanding of service performance, identify opportunities for new business models, power product enhancements or innovation, or improve financial forecasting.

Automated processing
Once made available by the aircraft operator or airline, files are transferred immediately to e-Aircraft® DataHub for processing and decoding. The solution embeds core software from SAFRAN Electronics and Defense Cassiopée™ NODE to render data ready to share with digital service partners.

Simplified data brokerage
e-Aircraft® DataHub uses an API to simplify digital service partners’ data brokerage with aircraft operators and airlines.

Global footprint
It is available to any aviation digital services partner for digitally powered services. By using the hub, partners gain global aircraft and airline data reach and access, enabling them to connect with and act on aircraft data insights from aircraft operators and airlines worldwide.

Strengthen aircraft operator and airline relationships
By opting to connect with aircraft operators and airline customers via e-Aircraft® DataHub, digital service partners are better-placed to gain acceptance from aircraft operators and airlines to interconnect their IT, share sensitive data and trust in how data will be used.


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