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eWAS Pilot
eWAS Pilot

eWAS Pilot – The EFB Weather Awareness Solution

A rich, intuitive solution delivering real-time, graphically optimized views of weather phenomena, so crews can stay a step ahead, avoid the avoidable and unlock possibilities today.

eWAS Pilot


A step ahead. Avoid the avoidable. Unlock possibilities today.

Weather affects every flight operated by an airline – but did you know that turbulence is the leading cause of injury in non-fatal airline accidents?

As severe weather events become more frequent and intense, airline crews and passengers increasingly risk encountering turbulence during flight.

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT has created eWAS Pilot, the EFB Weather Awareness Solution.

This rich and intuitive solution provides flight crew with real-time graphically optimized views of multiple weather phenomena.

By delivering multi-source weather information, and accurate, timely weather reports for key dynamic situations – including turbulence, thunderstorms and lightning – pilots are better prepared for flights, and passengers can be assured of the most efficient, comfortable service.

To further help save aircraft fuel and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, eWAS Pilot is now enhanced with our partner, Safetly Line’s OptiCruise solution!

OptiCruise allows pilots and airlines to achieve significant fuel savings and carbon emission reductions during the cruise phase of a flight.

Compliment eWAS Pilot with OptiClimb to further optimise both the climb and cruise phases of a flight and reduce costs. Read our Features and Benefits section to find out more.

A cloud-hosted solution, eWAS Pilot delivers both forecasts and satellite-based observation data, enabling airlines to create safer, more economic, intelligent and flexible flight plans.

Easy to deploy, simple to manage and intuitive to use, eWAS Pilot helps crews stay a step ahead, avoid the avoidable and unlock possibilities today.

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Features and Benefits

Achieve significant fuel savings and carbon emission reductions
Safety Line’s software solutions for the cruise phase, OptiSpeed, OptiDirect and OptiLevel, collectively called OptiCruise, help pilots and airlines limit carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and operational costs by reducing fuel consumption of the aircraft during the cruise phase of a flight:

  • OptiSpeed shows pilots the fuel and time impact of speed variations with the objective of on-time arrival at the best fuel / time ratio.
  • OptiDirect recommends shortcuts based on historical flight data and indicates possible fuel and time savings.
  • OptiLevel advises pilots on the best initial flight level and cruise level changes, taking tailwinds and headwinds into account.

Reduce operational costs and carbon emissions during the climb phase of a flight
As part of the new partnership, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT now also offers Safety Line’s OptiClimb software. This software predicts fuel burn in tens of thousands of possible flight scenarios and then issues recommended climb speeds to pilots ahead of each flight. OptiClimb uses tail-specific machine learning performance models in combination with 4D weather forecasts, to recommend customized speed changes at different altitudes for each climb. 

Safety Line data shows that climb fuel savings of 5-6% are possible for each flight without affecting passenger safety or comfort. On a yearly basis, this could reduce CO2 emissions by several thousands of tons and operational costs by several million dollars, depending on the size of the airline fleet.

Make airline operations more efficient and beome more environmentally friendly at the same time! Compliment eWAS Pilot with OptiClimb to optimise both the climb and cruise phases of a flight.

Universal design
eWAS Pilot brings enhanced weather awareness to entire fleets, whatever the aircraft type or connectivity link.

Improved awareness
Flight crews receive accurate real-time weather reports from multiple sources, focused on key dynamic situations including turbulence and thunderstorms. eWAS Pilot also gives comprehensive airport information through its airport interface and chart data.

Avoidance of significant weather events
Armed with the latest, fullest information, pilots can take informed, proactive decisions to re-route flight plans to avoid significant weather where needed.

User-centric application
Pilots receive up-to-date forecasts, with both vertical and horizontal profiles, straight to their tablets, smartphones and on-board devices before and during flight aboard a connected aircraft.

Fully compatible
eWAS Pilot works with any EFB hardware, operating system or core software, including Apple and Windows devices, and all major avionics systems. It is iOS13 compliant.

Easy to integrate
The solution integrates with all leading flight-planning vendors, is fully scalable and requires little new airline infrastructure.

Connectivity agnostic
Data is transmitted using highly efficient compression, allowing eWAS Pilot to be updated over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G on the ground, and any available cabin or cockpit broadband link in the air.

Helps minimize carbon footprint
Airlines can use eWAS Pilot forecast and satellite-based observation data to create more economical flight plans. By evaluating fueling decisions using eWAS Pilot intelligence – such as whether to depart with minimum or discretionary fuel to cope with storm avoidance – airlines can calculate the appropriate amount of fuel to carry.

Improved passenger and crew safety and comfort
With our multi-sourced weather information, you can be better prepared for flight and offer your customers and crews the most efficient and comfortable service.

Protection of airline brand
Significant weather events are a leading cause of disruption, and an understandable cause of passenger dissatisfaction. Avoiding these instances helps airlines maintain their reputation.

Boosts efficiency and time management
With eWAS Pilot onboard, you can develop more economical, intelligent and flexible flight route plans, ensuring strong on-time performance.

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