Is your airline maximizing its passenger experience?

In a world where connectivity is key, an airline must compete to win – and keep – passenger loyalty, by delivering a top passenger experience. Luckily, there are lots of digital options to help you step-up your inflight customer offer.

Here are our 10 top tips to help airlines create a truly top-flight passenger experience – from personalization to enhancing flight safety – from SITAONAIR’s connected aircraft experts.

1. Offer inflight Wi-Fi so passengers can stay in touch

Online lives don’t have to stop when your planes take off. With Wi-Fi-enabled aircraft, your passengers can keep family and friends updated, surf the web, download destination guides and newspapers, and shop online while they fly, by logging onto the Internet in the sky.

SITAONAIR helps airlines provide data-hungry passengers with what they want, with the deployment of bespoke Internet and 3.5G-plus mobile services over a high-speed broadband connection.

2. Give your passengers exclusive inflight offers

Today’s passengers want Wi-Fi access wherever they are, and that includes wherever they fly. SITAONAIR can help airlines create an own-branded onboard Internet hub, which passengers log on to just as they would on the ground. With passenger profile data, captured through Internet ONAIR, seat numbers and e-tickets, you can give flights a personal touch.

Airlines can work with chosen sponsors to provide passengers with special deals, even send offers straight to connected devices – tailored to frequent flier status, preferences and search histories – for everything from tickets for tourist attractions to duty-free goods.

3. Digitize your Cabin crews to go the extra #PaxEx mile

Cabin crews can do away with dinosaur paper-based processes, thanks to the fully digital CrewTab. This nifty tablet enables your connected cabin crew to discover passengers’ favorite meals and duty-free delights, or even plan a birthday treat, with real-time information at the touch of a screen. It also enables passengers to make secure credit card payments inflight without having to wait until landing to authorize those transactions.

4. Fly the smoothest, safest route

With an increase in significant weather events, equipping your pilots with hi-tech, user-friendly applications showing the complete weather picture (and which help avoid rough rides) has never been more valuable. Our popular EFB Weather Awareness (eWAS) app gives pilots a graphically-optimized weather display, drawing data from multiple best-in-class sources, and updating as you fly. It helps pilots make the best-informed decisions for the comfort and safety of passengers.

5. Take off (and land) on time

Flight delays are bad for business, for both an airline’s reputation and its budget. Airlines can help minimize frustrating flight delays by using intelligent, cloud-based tech that calculates the most efficient flight plan by factoring in all your airline’s different operational elements. We also fully manage this technology, helping reduce your workload while avoiding costly disruptions.

6. Let passengers voice-call while they fly

SITAONAIR customers are equipping their fleets with Mobile ONAIR to give passengers the freedom to take or make phone calls at 30,000 feet. What’s more, over 3.5G, they can also send text messages or use their mobile data to browse, staying connected up in the clouds.

7. Keep passengers connected to their luggage

Digitized cabin crews using connected technology such as CrewTab can help passengers keep track of their luggage and better manage their time when they land. Passengers can also use an airline’s onboard Internet hub to check where their luggage is in relation to the live status of their flight and connections. Great for staying informed and prepared for the next stage of their holiday journey.

8. Secure flight safety

Airlines that take steps to proactively track their fleet position are committing to making their flights as safe as possible – any passenger’s top priority. Automated tracking and alerts give airlines a constant view of their fleets as passenger flight demand continues to surge. From 2018, airlines will be able to track their fleets anywhere in the world with our revolutionary 100% global AIRCOM® FlightTracker technology, complete with spaced-based ADS-B data (among others). With the ICAO 15-minute flight-tracking mandate coming into effect in 2018, and a one-minute mandate in 2021, airline brands will do well to get equipped.

9. Put inflight entertainment choice in passengers’ hands

The ‘on-demand’ generation wants to choose what they watch and when and how they watch it. The 21st-century airline has digital devices at its disposal, such as ONAIR Play, that empower passengers to watch favorite videos on or stream content over Wi-Fi to their personal, hand-held devices. Make your passengers feel right at home.

10. Book hotel/taxi/car rental before landing

Onboard Internet services allow passengers to book their overnight hotel, onward train tickets, taxi, or luggage concierge service while still in the air, so that when they land, they can get straight on with business – or quality holiday relaxation.

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