Improve airline & passenger safety

Safety for passengers and staff is a key priority for airlines. As air traffic volume increases and airspace becomes more congested, this focus is intensified. Aircraft connectivity provides the potential to improve safety by reducing crew workload and increasing awareness of dynamic operational factors.

Anticipate and manage in-flight disruptions

Avoidance of severe weather conditions promotes a smoother flight, avoids potential aircraft damage and crew injury, and protects the airline brand. The connected aircraft offers opportunities for real-time weather updates inflight, as well as consistent tracking for ground operations staff.

Anticipate and manage in-flight disruptions Stat
Anticipate and manage in-flight disruptions Stat
Anticipate and manage in-flight disruptions Stat

How does this work?

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Provides your cockpit crew with a pilot-centric app offering forecast and near real-time satellite-based weather information from a selection of best-in-class weather providers
  • Multi-source weather information
  • Fully integrated with the airline environment
  • Real-time graphical view of the best-in-class forecasts and current information
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AIRCOM® Cockpit Services

Unlock a significant number of cost savings and efficiencies with both data and voice services for the aircraft
  • Hardware and software agnostic
  • 24/7, 365 support
  • AIRCOM® Cockpit Services: Voice
  • AIRCOM® Cockpit Services: Datalink
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Flight track aircraft in real-time

If delays or deviations do occur, our applications can immediately send alerts to ground support teams. This both ensures passenger safety and means airlines can comply with ICAO flight tracking recommendations.

Flight track aircraft in real-time Stat
Flight track aircraft in real-time Stat
Flight track aircraft in real-time Stat

How does this work?

AIRCOM® FlightMessenger icon

AIRCOM® FlightMessenger

An application for integrating and translating data into a format that can seamlessly feed in to your IT infrastructure, helping to improve efficiency and effectiveness
  • Ready for the future
  • Aircraft communication mailbox
  • Sequencer enabled
  • Data format management
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AIRCOM® FlightTracker icon

AIRCOM® FlightTracker

A ground-based software system that guarantees regular flight position updates and requires no modification to aircraft
  • DTN Flight Route Alerting
  • Use ATC data to gain more insight
  • Automated Alerting to help manage large fleets
  • Aircraft agnostic
  • Scalable coverage
  • High-resolution ADS-B data
  • Cross-referenced position data
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Increase safety and capacity of air traffic control

Clear communication between pilots and air traffic controllers is imperative to safe air travel. ATS AIRCOM removes any potential voice misunderstanding via datalink services and turnkey air traffic management (ATM) tools, also enabling air navigation service providers (ANSPs) to improve both workload efficiency and increase airspace capacity.

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