ATM Highlights 2018

As preparations for the CANSO World ATM Congress reach the final stages, our ATM Highlights 2018 brochure looks back at the major ATM news from the past year, and ahead to some of the hot topics for the event.

Top stories include:

SITAONAIR and the evolution of European datalink

Due to traffic increasing much more quickly than expected (European ATM currently handles around 26,000 flights daily), the performance of datalink started to decline after the initial launch in the early 2000s.

The ATM Highlights Brochure 2018 explores the central role played by SITAONAIR to tackle this issue, through both the pursuit of multi-frequency deployment in Europe, and through continued support of the bodies responsible for the implementation of an efficient and high performing VHF infrastructure.

Air traffic growth and ATM transformation in the Middle East

The air traffic industry in the Middle East represents 9.6% of the global market share, and increased its traffic volume by 5.5% in 2017. According to International Air Transport Association (IATA) forecasts, it will continue to grow by 5% annually for the next 20 years.

Read more about how SITAONAIR will play a crucial role in the regional transformation necessary to deal with increasing demand, providing key airport tower systems and datalink services.

ATM perspectives in Africa

SITAONAIR presentation at the CANSO Africa Conference 2017

In Africa, IATA is again predicting significant annual traffic volume increases. African air traffic grew by 9% in 2017 alone, with regional ANSPs managing more than a million flights over the course of the year.

While there is huge potential, the ATM Highlights 2018 brochure looks at how the immaturity of the continent’s air transport industry, combined with its sheer diversity of characteristics, presents substantial challenges for air navigation services, aviation safety and the management of technical and operational changes.

Regional highlights

News in Europe was dominated by ANSPs from across the region turning to SITAONAIR for its ATM expertise. VDLm2 multi-frequency was rolled out by ANSPs in Germany, Portugal and Spain, while in Poland, SITAONAIR successfully conducted the acceptance of its DLFEP system with the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA), as well as the country’s ATN/VDLm2 service.

Across Africa and the Middle East, SITAONAIR celebrated both the renewal and start of a number of important contracts, including the provision of FANS service to Mozambique and the renewal of FANS & pre-FANS datalink contracts in Bahrain, Abu Dhabi and Angola.

Visit to the SITAONAIR Paris office. Mr H Yoshida (NEC), Mr H Ishii (JRANSA),and Mr H Kawata (JCAB), with Agnès Roegel, François Bardin and Patrick Geurts (SITAONAIR)

In Asia Pacific, read how SITAONAIR provided FANS 1/A datalink to the Air Traffic Management system at the new Manila ACC Center, and signed a contract, in partnership with Singapore Technologies (ST Infosoft), to provide an upgrade of the existing SITAONAIR D-ATIS system in Singapore.

Following SITAONAIR’s participation in the Japan Datalink Forum 2017, a delegation from the Japanese Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) visited SITAONAIR’s Paris office in December, looking to discuss the cases of VDL and mulyi-frequency that SITAONAIR is driving in Europe as part of the SESAR project.

SITAONAIR’s work in Latin America and the Caribbean was defined by its work to expand ATS datalink services in Brazil and provide FANS service in Argentina. Further north in the USA and Canada, the news was dominated by SITAONAIR offering continued support to Harris for deliver of FAA’s Data Comm.

Preparing for the drone age

For many in the world of air traffic management, 2017 was defined by our already crowded skies filling with an unprecedented number of drones, and an associated debate centered on how the air transport industry should respond to this problem.

Last year SITAONAIR, in collaboration with Skyguide, AirMap, senseFly and PX4, with the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation, developed and exhibited the drone registry.

Find out how this registry will play a central role in the U-space project – established to support the burgeoning drone market – by providing a blockchain-based database enabling situational awareness for drone operators, and data exchange between drones, law enforcement, airspace managers and other stakeholders.

To read more major ATM news and find out what will be the hot topics for discussion at the CANSO World ATM Congress, download our new ATM Highlights 2018 brochure.

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