Celebrating our soaring success with GX Aviation


By Yann Cabaret, SITAONAIR VP Customer Programs & Cabin Services

Yann CabaretToday, SITAONAIR is the world’s most successful Value-Added Reseller of high-speed inflight connectivity (IFC) over Inmarsat’s GX Aviation satellite network. This, along with the suite of applications and services we offer, makes us a global leader in the IFC domain.

On behalf of SITAONAIR’s entire Cabin Services team, I am exceptionally proud to say we now have 14 leading airlines who are either active or set to be activated with, GX Aviation. In a world where seamless, ‘always-on’ connectivity is considered an essential service for people’s lives, in work and play, this is a fantastic achievement.

What makes us at SITAONAIR unique is our ability to address the needs of multiple players in the air transport industry space, who we support on a daily basis – whether airlines and their passengers, original equipment manufacturers, or our multiple partnerships across the world and industry-wide.

Added to this our flexibility and expertise, we try and make this complex marketplace ever so simple.

I would like to focus on three aspects below, on how we make this possible.

Keeping passengers connected

We know that airline passengers highly value having inflight connectivity. SITA’s recent 2019 Passenger IT Insights research shows not only that 70% of them engage with technology inflight, but that it makes them happier as a result. Travelers using technology inflight, whether for productivity or entertainment, recorded an average of 8.31 out of 10 for satisfaction, compared to 7.69 for non-users.

Our intuitive inflight Wi-Fi portal, Internet ONAIR, powered by the truly advanced onboard broadband solution that is GX Aviation, is allowing passengers to benefit from an ‘at-home’ experience wherever they fly.

They are free to browse, stream and instant message, and so maintain their digital lives, while up in the clouds. At the same time, by harnessing Inmarsat’s GX Aviation high-speed broadband, we have advanced the air transport industry’s first 3.5G inflight cellular network, with global coverage, and a pathway to 5G.

With such services, we’re directly delivering an enhanced passenger experience, and in turn, strengthening their airline brand loyalty.

Delivering value for airlines

In the hyper-competitive business of flight, our services, and the connected capabilities they offer are enabling airlines to differentiate their brand proposition to passengers through inflight connectivity. In achieving this, our airline customers value our ability to deploy inflight connectivity over GX Aviation, regardless of aircraft or fleet type, route, flight length, or existing avionics or region for that matter.

We have been the first into the African market, added to the already great work we do in the other regions.

They value our ability to seamlessly migrate them to GX Aviation’s high-speed capabilities, from SwiftBroadband, where needed.

They also appreciate having a future-proofed solution – because airlines investing in Inmarsat GX Aviation with us will benefit from the already planned future capacity increases.

Our ability to accelerate retrofit installations, which enables us to deploy GX Aviation in a record four days per aircraft compared to 15 days previously, is also a time and cost saving for airlines.

This very benefit has been highly-valued by long-standing SITAONAIR customer Philippine Airlines, who now has high-speed connectivity activated aboard its next-generation aircraft.

Power in partnerships

Our airline customers also benefit from our ability to integrate with any existing technological partner. Our continued collaborations with all major IFC service industry players, from of course Inmarsat, to Honeywell, Airbus, Zodiac Aerospace and others, are actively bringing their IFC visions to life.

As announced last month, there are exciting times ahead for Inmarsat’s inflight connectivity business, and we at SITAONAIR are certainly excited to be part of this picture.

For airlines, passengers and the wider industry, our early successes with GX Aviation along with our world-class applications hold exciting promise for the IFC story to come.

Of an airborne world of boundless connectivity and of new capabilities, made possible by SITAONAIR’s unrivaled expertise, experience, and collaborative spirit, delivering on these promises.

Discover SITAONAIR’s inflight connectivity services over Inmarsat GX Aviation, including its Internet ONAIR Wi-Fi portal and Mobile ONAIR cellular network.

SITAONAIR’s GX Aviation-activated airlines include Aircalin, Air Mauritius, Air Caraibes, Air Senegal, French Bee, Kuwait Airways, Philippine Airlines, and Singapore Airlines. Other carriers will be announced in the coming months. Of these, Philippine Airlines, and Singapore Airlines have migrated from SwiftBroadband.