Take a virtual tour

Be transported into the future of the connected aircraft via the power of virtual reality (VR). Our new e-Aircraft LIVE smartphone application combined with the branded headset, gives a 360-degree, interactive view that shows how giving your crew real-time passenger information, can help create a tailored experience to inspire brand loyalty. Watch our demo below

The importance of a connected passenger experience


Our applications, enabled by connectivity, can lead digital transformation for the connected aircraft. Our recent research shows 69 percent of passengers actively use a connected smartphone, tablet or laptop during flights. This offers a huge opportunity for airlines to use connectivity to deliver a more relaxing, enjoyable experience during the flight and build brand loyalty.Showing how this can happen through interactions between the passengers, crew, pilot and support team on the ground, e-Aircraft LIVE reveals scenarios experienced from each of their perspectives.

Get e-Aircraft LIVE

e-Aircraft LIVE is available now for Android and Apple devices. Grab a pair of VR cardboard glasses and get the app by following these simple steps:

1) Download e-Aircraft LIVE
2) Open e-Aircraft LIVE and click on Configuration icon to set up viewer
3) Scan the cardboard QR code on the SITAONAIR cardboard glasses to adjust viewer. You can also download Cardboard app if using other VR cardboard glasses
5) Click the back button and place your device into the VR cardboard glasses
6) You are ready to experience e-Aircraft LIVE


e-Aircraft LIVE requires Android 4.1 or later, or iOS 8.0 or later.

Get it on Google PlayGet it on the App Store

e-Aircraft LIVE features

Make a virtual trip to the future of the connected aircraft on an aircraft! Features include:

  • 360-degree video
  • 360-interior view
  • Gyroscopic
  • Interaction
  • Select hotspots to see passenger experience scenarios as a video animation
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