Free Webinar: EFB Weather Awareness Solution (eWAS)

Weather awareness is vital in helping pilots keep flights safe and minimize disruption.

Our game-changing pilot app, the EFB Weather Awareness Solution (eWAS), enhances situational awareness of significant weather.

Find out more about it with our latest Webinar: EFB Weather Awareness Solution (eWAS) App Overview and Demo, hosted by SITAONAIR Innovation Portfolio Director Toby Tucker.

Toby features in Aircraft IT Operations’ current March/April edition (pictured below) where he discusses the ins and outs of the cutting-edge eWAS application.

As part of the Aircraft IT webinar series, Toby presents SITAONAIR’s eWAS in three parts:

  1. Application overview and 2017 Air France case study
  2. Pilot’s easy-to-use walk-through app demo
  3. How pilots use eWAS when specific weather is forecast en route.


7 reasons why your pilots need SITAONAIR’s EFB Weather Awareness Solution:

  1. eWAS brings together the best-in-class weather data from leading partners including Schneider Electric, Meteo France and The Weather Company.
  2. eWAS gives a 360-degree picture that on-board weather radar can’t.
  3. eWAS can anticipate and redraw flight plans, reducing crew workload.
  4. eWAS is compatible with all aircraft / EFB systems including Windows and iOS.
  5. eWAS integrates within the connected aircraft environment, using ACARS, broadband IFC, or 3G/Wi-Fi on the ground.
  6. eWAS presents the very latest significant weather info, so pilots can make earlier, more accurate tactical rerouting or fuelling decisions.
  7. eWAS is not limited to the closest thunderstorms.

To access the Webinar recording, visit the Aircraft IT Website. Please share this webinar event with colleagues who you think might be interested.

Click here to find out more about our eWAS application.

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