19 Nov 2019

Introducing… AIRCOM® ServerPlatform 7.1

At SITAONAIR we’re always striving to refine and evolve our products’ performance – it’s what we do as connected aircraft service experts. That’s why we’re delighted to share news about our latest AIRCOM® ServerPlatform release, 7.1, which brings improved functionality, and is now available to all airline customers.

Not yet made the leap to AIRCOM® ServerPlatform 7.1? We’ll get you up-to-date

Our 7.1 upgrade includes a variety of important improvements, informed by feedback from our customers. These affect three key flight operations solutions hosted by SITAONAIR’s AIRCOM® Server Platform: AIRCOM® FlightPlanner, AIRCOM® FlightMessenger, and AIRCOM® FlightTracker.

Here are some of the highlights:

  1. We’ve introduced increased security levels by adding in encryption layers for connections to external systems. These use the latest Transport Layer Security protocols, reinforcing data security across the AIRCOM® suite.
  2. We’ve made it so our 7.1 release, and its associated solutions, are available 24/7 for customers using a Windows SQL Server, by using high availability groups that ensure data is replicated. That’s even during an outage, whether planned or unplanned. Release 7.1 fully supports both Windows 2016 and SQL 2016.
  3. We’ve also made improvements to code and database access, optimizing systems’ message processing performance across the board.
  4. AIRCOM® FlightTracker users can now receive ‘estimated’ and ‘synthetic’ departure and arrival messages for flight stages from FlightAware. These supplement ‘actual’ flight stage messages from ACARS, MVT or FlightAware, and are separately identified in the Flight Detail panel.
  5. AIRCOM® FlightTracker can also now display and provide alerting on emergency transponder codes or ‘squawk’ codes. This means AIRCOM® FlightTracker users can now receive and raise additional alerts, notifications, and send uplinks relating to these codes.
  6. We’ve also included several updates to the Flight Route Alerting (FR-A) capability within AIRCOM® FlightTracker to improve performance. FR-A is a function that provides enroute weather alerting, notifications and the ability to send uplinks.
  7. AIRCOM® FlightPlanner customers can now draw on air traffic control callsign data, already used by AIRCOM® FlightTracker from the AIRCOM® ServerPlatform, to complete ATC plans. This is a clever use of existing data, contextualized for FlightPlanner.
  8. And we’ve boosted automation for AIRCOM® FlightPlanner users, enabling you to set and save weather minima rules for multiple airports and aircraft types. You’ll also find auto-allocation capabilities have been introduced for selecting appropriate dispatch desks based on flight sector, as well as dispatch duration.

To get the full details of the 7.1 release, reach out to your usual SITAONAIR contact or email worldwide@sitaonair.aero for the complete user guides.

And watch this space for AIRCOM® Server Platform release 7.2, which is coming soon, bringing with it even more updates!