Open platforms: the next inflight connectivity revolution

The inflight connectivity revolution is well advanced, with airlines investing heavily in the latest satellite broadband and connectivity technologies. But revolution continues, and it’s time for airlines to take another step forward.

Many airlines are struggling to fully realize the opportunities for development. Current operational limitations across platforms, technologies, fleets and service providers make integration, innovation and unifying the passenger portfolio and experience, complex, time-consuming, and expensive for airlines.

SITAONAIR is leading the charge to help world airlines achieve the end-to-end service that passengers are demanding, whatever an airline’s on-board technology or fleet.

Why the industry should embrace open systems development

Latest research shows that 75% of the world’s airlines expect to implement Wi-Fi services on at least some aircraft by the end of 2017. By 2020 an estimated 12,500 aircraft – 1/2 of the world’s fleet – will be connected.

As a world-leader in helping airlines achieve integrated nose-to-tail inflight connectivity solutions and service, SITAONAIR has a unique frontline experience of this shifting picture.


We believe that services should be provided consistently on every frequency band with an open architecture going forward.

This could create a second inflight connectivity revolution – will your airline be a part of it?

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