Airline opportunities

Modern airlines are constantly facing the challenge to improve operational efficiency in an evermore challenging environment. Effective, versatile communication and optimized connected processes can be a key point of differentiation.
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Airlines face a number of practical challenges when managing cockpit communication. There are a wide array of aircraft types and configurations, making operational efficiency through consistent and simple processes, especially in new-generation aircraft, challenging to achieve. There are also numerous ground systems to contend with, making it all the more difficult to create seamless integration, especially when the range of applications and interfaces are considered. Any solution needs to remove points of friction to allow a common process to be adopted, with intelligent distribution and presentation of information.

AIRCOM® FlightMessenger can address these challenges

Product description

Manage your air-to-ground data communication in a cost-effective way, across different applications and formats. AIRCOM® FlightMessenger integrates and translates data into a format that can seamlessly feed in to your IT infrastructure, helping to improve efficiency and effectiveness.



Features and benefits

Ready for the future

Be ready to easily integrate new-generation aircraft and new technologies into your operation while maintaining a streamlined and consistent process.

Aircraft communication mailbox

Improve decision making by giving your team the support of a dedicated mailbox showing only relevant information for their flights in an easily readable format.

Sequencer enabled

Enable your IT team to monitor messages and create processes to ensure that further expected updates occur within a defined time, with alerts when deadlines have passed. Data can then be fed to an aircraft in a prescribed order, regardless of the sequence in which the data was received, and multiple messages can be combined into one.

Specified data extraction

Give your team the tools to easily extract key data from ACARS messages, and then add data from other sources into an easy-to-understand format for distribution by email or SMS.

Support for multiple communications protocols

Through easily changeable message handling and modification, enable your people to distribute data to different applications in the format required by each system, without impacting infrastructure or any equipment changes.

Data format management

Ensure your IT team receives key air-to-ground data, from multiple sources, in the format that best suits its systems, infrastructure and distribution plans.
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