Airline opportunities

Airlines are seeking methods to manage growth and maintain control, over operational costs through the deployment of complementary technology solutions. Safety, in the face of more frequent severe weather events, is also of paramount concern.
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AIRCOM® FlightPlanner stat
AIRCOM® FlightPlanner stat


Airlines face a number of practical challenges within the flight dispatch environment, including reducing workloads to refocus fllight dispatchers onto important operational discussions. Any flight-planning system that achieves this also needs to integrate with other operational systems, such as scheduling operations control and existing Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solutions, and be scalable to complement an increase in fleet size without requiring more staff.

AIRCOM® FlightPlanner can address these challenges.

Product description

Enable your aircraft operators to calculate the most efficient flight plan using AIRCOM® FlightPlanner. By providing the tools to optimize operational parameters, an airline can reduce fuel, time and navigation costs. FlightPlanner is particularly suited to commercial operators who need a flight-planning solution that focuses on reducing operational costs. As part of a fully integrated porfolio, AIRCOM® FlightPlanner integrates seamlessly into related tasks in the airline operations environment, such as scheduling, ops control, flight management and EFB systems.

The FlightPlanner application consumes schedule information, and through configurable business rules, automatically manages workload distribution among dispatchers. Any subsequent changes are also managed seamlessly, automatically sharing relevant information among dispatch managers and relevant dispatch desks. Using configurable flight-planning business rules, it selects the best route possible for each flight. The flight plan is based on a complex analysis of aircraft performance, weather data and route validation, combined with air traffic management routing requirements.

FlightPlanner is integrated with SITA’s AIRCOM® ACARS Services, so that route information can be uplinked directly to the aircraft flight-management system. FlightPlanner provides information that can be fed into an Electronic Flight Folder, meeting the need for seamless integration with EFB solutions.

Features and benefits