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Airlines face a number of practical challenges when tracking aircraft. Currently, a wide variety of technologies exist to track aircraft (e.g. ADS-B, ACARS, ATC Radar, etc.) that aren’t consistently integrated, including FANS, which exists on most wide-body aircraft, meaning any new solutions must account for this. Weather can cause significant disruption, and safety incidents, so can this be better managed?

AIRCOM® FlightTracker can address these challenges

Product description

Passenger concern for air travel safety is paramount, and plays a considerable role in which airline they choose and what they say about your brand across social media.

As a result, it’s important that flights are tracked wherever they are in the world in real-time. AIRCOM® FlightTracker is a ground-based software system that guarantees regular flight position updates and requires no modification to aircraft.

FlightTracker works by gathering data from multiple global sources, and fills in any gaps between air navigation services provider’s (ANSP) tracking. The knowledge filling these gaps may include problematic weather and expected en-route turbulence, helping to improve flight operations.

Space Based ADS-B utilizes existing extended Mode S transponders that are installed on most current aircraft. Airlines are therefore able to track their aircraft in oceanic or remote areas, and this capability is not dependant on the availability of local ground based infrastructure. This capability means that aircraft that are not equipped with a SATCOM capability operating in such areas are able to provide their position data anywhere in the world to enable airlines to meet their mandated aircraft tracking requirements. And they can do this without the need to add additional equipment to the aircraft.

Features and benefits