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Download our whitepaper to find out more Recent events have highlighted the need for accurate flight tracking, with the airline industry reacting accordingly by moving quickly towards mandates that will mean all flights must be tracked.
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Airlines face a number of practical challenges when tracking aircraft. Currently, a wide variety of technologies exist to track aircraft (e.g. ADS-B, ACARS, ATC Radar, etc.) that aren’t consistently integrated, including FANS, which exists on most wide-body aircraft, meaning any new solutions must account for this. Weather can cause significant disruption, and safety incidents, so can this be better managed?

AIRCOM® FlightTracker can address these challenges

Product description

Passenger concern for air travel safety is paramount, and plays a considerable role in which airline they choose and what they say about your brand across social media.

As a result, it’s important that flights are tracked wherever they are in the world in real-time. AIRCOM® FlightTracker is a ground-based software system that guarantees regular flight position updates and requires no modification to aircraft.

FlightTracker works by gathering data from multiple global sources, and fills in any gaps between air navigation services provider’s (ANSP) tracking. The knowledge filling these gaps may include problematic weather and expected en-route turbulence, helping to improve flight operations.

Features and benefits

Use ATC data to gain more insight

If a problem is highlighted by a FlightTracker alert, flight operations staff can see the aircraft-to-ATC communication in clear text. This can help ground staff to confirm that any deviation has been agreed with ATC.

Automated Alerting to help manage large fleets

Be assured that a potential problem will be noticed thanks to the FlightTracker Automated Alerting capability. If an aircraft doesn’t report its position when expected, deviates from the flight plan or enters a defined geographic area, FlightTracker will create an alert and start an automatic sequence of actions as appropriate.

Aircraft agnostic

Equip your flight operations team with the ability to track aircraft, regardless of whether your fleet has ACARS or ADS-B OUT capabilities. FlightTracker uses available FAA Class 1 real-time data, as well as other radar and ATC data from organizations around the world, to provide valuable additional aircraft position information.

Scalable coverage

Expand coverage of fleet travel routes quickly and easily using ADS-B data. SITAONAIR can extend ADS-B coverage by allowing customers to selfhost receivers that can be provided on request.

High-resolution ADS-B data

Allow your operations team to view the flight track of each flight with frequent and accurate positions from our fused data feed. The position data frequency is automatically increased when the aircraft is not in steady cruise, allowing the ground staff to see manoeuvres, such as holding, in real-time.

Cross-referenced position data

Provide your cockpit crew, and airline operations team, with an application that aggregates the best available inflight position data from multiple sources. A single aircraft position display will make it easier for your people to efficiently maintain more accurate aircraft awareness.

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