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SITAONAIR’s AIRCOM® Information Services reduces pilot workload, improves flight efficiency and standardizes procedures, offering a seamless single solution to airlines’ diverse operations.
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Product description

To ensure a safe and efficient flight, crew need access to the most up-to-date information available.

En-route wind and temperature, airport weather conditions, runway conditions and ad-hoc airport restrictions constantly change. While easily accessible on the ground, SITAONAIR’s range of AIRCOM® Information Services ensures this information doesn’t stop when an aircraft departs.

AIRCOM® Information Services provides your cockpit crew with access to a global set of navigation, weather and airport data. It is available for all airlines that use aircraft communications addressing and reporting system (ACARS).

Features and benefits


Local weather conditions, airport visibility, runway information and airport restrictions are just some of the vital pieces of information pilots need to know prior to take-off or landing. Automatic Terminal Information Services (ATIS) via radio broadcast is only available within a limited range of each airport, so many now provide the same information digitally, delivered via datalink directly to the cockpit. Receiving digital ATIS (d-ATIS) reduces the pilot workload, improves the accuracy and increases the range at which the information is available. While being fully compatible with d-ATIS industry standards, SITAONAIR’s d-ATIS Gateway service also provides message conversion services to ensure a seamless service to every combination of standard and non-standard aircraft and ANSP provider. SITAONAIR d-ATIS Gateway service delivers over two million reports annually to a global customer base.

AIRCOM® Surface Weather

SITAONAIR’s database of more than 5,000 airports and our global datalink coverage, combine to provide forecast and actual Surface Weather information directly to airline flight crew, whenever and wherever required. Our fully customizable system provides a seamless solution to a wide range of aircraft types and on-board equipment, allowing airlines to standardize their flight crew operating procedures regardless of their fleet. SITAONAIR delivers over five million surface weather reports annually to a global customer base.

FMS Wind Uplink

Remaining fuel, time of arrival and the verticle flight profile management are just some of the critical calculations performed by modern aircraft Flight Management Systems (FMS). For an FMS to make these calculations, accurate and time-sensitive weather data is a key component, although it is very time-consuming to load manually, and frequently out-dated before the flight even departs. SITAONAIR’s global FMS Wind service ensures this information is updated accurately and efficiently throughout the duration of a flight, potentially replacing hundreds of manual data entries into just a few seconds of automated processes. Saving valuable crew preparation time and maximizing en-route flight optimization opportunities, a wide range of options ensures that FMS Wind is compatible with a wide range of commercial aircraft types and industry- standard FMS equipment. SITAONAIR delivers over one million FMS Wind reports annually to a global customer base.
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