Airline opportunities

The flexibility of a cloud-based system can provide an airline with global access to a tailored suite of data and application.


Airlines face a number of practical challenges when offering cloud access to airlines:
Can the developing landscape of cloud-based applications be translated to an airlines’ infrastructure? Can access to remotely held files be provided without throttling the usual working infrastructure of an airline? Is it possible to tailor the cloud access to each user, only providing what is necessary? How can a cloud-based system provide a future proofed infrastructure for a airline? Cloud-based application hosting can address these challenges.

Product description

SITAONAIR’s ATI Cloud provides airlines with the ability to access applications, data and desktop architecture in the air and on the ground seamlessly. With the Desktop as a Service (DaaS) feature, business-critical data can be accessed at all times – including applications – providing an out-of-office experience without the traditional downsides. Once an application has been enabled for the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) it can be made available for use almost instantly. This gives your company the opportunity to introduce and enable new staff around the world from a remote location.

Features and benefits

Remote desktop access

The Desktop as a Service feature allows applications and information to be utilized from a remote location including, with SITAONAIR’s connectivity ecosystem, in the air.Secure storage and access

We use IPVPN to provide secure access to your information, ensuring complete confidence when retrieving files.

IT process streamlining

Rather than having a roaming team of IT specialists, the Infrastructure as a Service feature allows for applications to be installed and updated at a single, cloud-based server location.

Payment options

For smaller business, a pay-as-you-use option can ensure a tailored experience perfect for improving an existing infrastructure.

Experience the marketplace

Our marketplace provides a selection of applications, software and cloud services aimed at providing airlines with the latest and most powerful online facilities

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Features and benefits

Fully secure – ISO 27k compliant

Airline-controlled data sharing with OEMs

ARINC 717 QAR data capture

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