Airline opportunities

SITAONAIR e-Aircraft® DataHub enables airlines to securely share aircraft data from diverse fleets and aircraft models with their chosen OEM, to maximize its value for mutual benefit – at no additional cost to them. Within e-Aircraft® DataHub’s trusted digital environment, airlines keep control of their data, with the solution providing a trusted, neutral buffer. e-Aircraft® DataHub is secured by state-of-the-art IT measures following ISO 27001 requirements. By analyzing airline-approved data, OEMs can access actionable insights, enabling them to provide a strengthened service to airline customers, through proactive aircraft health monitoring and predictive maintenance.


Harnessing aviation data represents the key to unlocking the untapped potential of today’s modern aircraft. It is crucial to everything from minimizing airline maintenance costs and maximizing aircraft availability, to empowering OEMs and MRO teams to be their most effective. Yet several hurdles have hampered progress – including airlines’ reluctance for OEMs to access sensitive data, and the complexity of achieving timely and tailored secure data transfer and distribution to relevant parties.

e-Aircraft® DataHub overcomes these hurdles.

Product description

e-Aircraft® DataHub works by first collecting an airline’s authorized raw data, then expertly classifying, decoding, storing and distributing the appropriate, structured data sets to that airline’s specified OEM. This is made possible with SITAONAIR’s expertise and established reputation for managing aircraft data on behalf of airlines, making it perfectly positioned to act as a trusted and neutral data intermediary between airlines and their OEMs or MROs.

SITAONAIR’s solution connects to airline servers on the ground to identify and upload relevant, approved aircraft data files. The industry-neutral cloud-based e-Aircraft® DataHub then sorts, filters, classifies, decodes and distributes the data under the control of airlines. Once a file is made available to DataHub by the airline it is transferred immediately to DataHub for processing and decoding, leveraging core software from SAFRAN Electronics and Defense CassiopéeTM NODE, for distribution to the airline’s chosen OEM or MRO.

e-Aircraft® DataHub is supported by SITAONAIR’s technical support staff, with round-the-clock multilingual data management support, ensuring the most precise and timely service.

Features and benefits

All fleets and avionics

No costs to airline, no new IT projects

Single universal platform, global and scalable

Fully secure – ISO 27k compliant

Neutral and universal solution

Airline-controlled data sharing with OEMs

Trusted industry-neutral digital environment

SITAONAIR e-Aircraft® DataHub product shot