Installation services and equipment resell; the challenge

Installing new, necessary cutting-edge technology into an aging fleet of aircraft can create a number issues. How can the existing fleet benefit from the new technology without creating problems for the existing infrastructure? How can the new technology be installed and supported by a knowledgeable, bespoke team without increasing manpower? How can the time off-runway be maximised to ensure all aircraft are out of action for as little time as possible?

Installation services and equipment resell can address these challenges.

Product description

SITAONAIR Rapid Installation Services provides a dedicated team of experts to install the equipment needed to enable SITAONAIR products. This includes cockpit/cabin connectivity and a SATCOM high speed including antenna. The international SITAONAIR team can travel to your location, install the necessary equipment on any aircraft and can work outside of scheduled services. The maintenance facility in the US is FAA certified (Part 145 Repair Station), and our team is dedicated to the highest level of service.

Features and benefits

Universal installation

We can install SITAONAIR connectivity onto any plane in your fleet.

Global support

The Rapid Installation team is able to travel internationally to your location and work quickly.


Safety is our foremost commitment, and we’re dedicated to the highest quality modification services.

Account management

Alongside customized reporting and analytics, we can manage your account to ensure the installation process and any maintenance proceeds smoothly.