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SITAONAIR AppsConnect®

Enhance and enrich your airline applications with secure, cost-effective connectivity and real time data throughout flight
  • Enhances crew and aircraft applications with connectivity and real time application data
  • Allows homogenous and cost-effective integration of connected apps and different communication networks through a single service
  • Flexible aircraft independent software removes need for airline ground infrastructure investment
  • Cloud-based platform removes need for airline ground infrastructure investment
  • Airline-personalized data routing policies maximize data throughput and guarantee cost control
  • Secures information transfers from air to ground and within airline host ground infrastructure
  • Provides an integrated API to enhance applications with avionics data
  • 24/7 monitoring and multilingual helpdesk from SITAONAIR
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Automated aircraft data collection and transfer system for improved safety, flight operations and maintenance reporting
  • ARINC 717 QAR data capture
  • ARINC 429 decoding service
  • ARINC 834 ADBP service
  • Sophisticated communications management
  • Airline managed security policies and business rules
  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Large file transfers and data staging
  • 24/7, 365 support
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Internet ONAIR

Offer a personalized and interactive Internet connection that’s just like using a standard public hotspot on the ground
  • Dedicated customer care
  • Content filtering
  • Onboard security
  • Bandwidth prioritization
  • Service packaging
  • Connectivity retail
  • Gather insights
  • Passenger interface
  • Wi-Fi as a differentiator
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Mobile ONAIR

Provide seamless global inflight connection for passengers to make phone calls, send text messages and use mobile data
  • No hidden costs or restrictions
  • Domestic service, inflight
  • Simple and seamless
  • Monetize connectivity
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CrewTab icon


Provide crew with a tablet interface to enhance their activities by digitizing paper-based processes and enabling them to deliver a personal service using individual customer information
  • Personal Customer Service
  • CrewRetail
  • Paperless Crew Operations
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eWAS icon


Provides your cockpit crew with a pilot-centric app offering forecast and near real-time satellite-based weather information from a selection of best-in-class weather providers
  • Multi-source weather information
  • Fully integrated with the airline environment
  • Real-time graphical view of the best-in-class forecasts and current information
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Enabling connectivity to the aircraft through a satellite based network
  • Link ONAIR over GX Aviation comes with a peace-of-mind integrated solution
  • Link ONAIR over GX Aviation evolves with the airline data growing needs
  • GX Aviation performances and capacities
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ONAIR Plug icon


Provide a dedicated, ‘Nose-To-Tail’ connection and universal coverage across all of your flights
  • Agnostic solution
  • Enhance traffic control
  • Dedicated and secure access
  • Exclusive access for the airline
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