Airline opportunities

Airlines want to make their operations more efficient. This spans everything from managing dispatch operations and reducing turnaround time, to optimizing routes with improved flight planning, and minimizing fuel costs. But only through a connected application ecosystem, is this possible. SITAONAIR AppsConnect® enables airlines to enhance operations by delivering real time connectivity to onboard cockpit and cabin applications, advancing functionality. By using AppsConnect®, airlines can connect pilot Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and cabin crew applications, and more. With AppsConnect®, pilots receive and share more timely, improved information for flight planning, position mapping, journey and technology logs, and enroute weather awareness. Cabin crews, meanwhile, can immediately share important in-flight reports, conduct onboard payment and transaction verifications for passengers, and seamlessly synchronize cabin log books after landing.


Today’s airlines are faced with the challenge of integrating multiple applications, across different fleets, and from a range of different suppliers. Furthermore, they may have a unique contract specific to each aircraft network, such as for datalink, or broadband or cellular connectivity.

SITAONAIR’s AppsConnect® expertly addresses these challenges, removing the burden.

Product description

AppsConnect® is a single solution for connected applications, removing the complexity of different aircraft types, different aircraft infrastructure and different communication networks.

It delivers a one-stop solution for aircraft IP-enablement, serving airlines’ operational and application needs. AppsConnect® offers a homogeneous user experience for application integration, and comes with a simple user-friendly customer portal for solution management and dashboards.

AppsConnect® delivers aircraft data to cockpit and cabin applications. SITAONAIR’s expertise in the management of diverse aircraft communications media brings these application datasets to life via communication with the aircraft, in real time and in-flight, if required.

AppsConnect® improves information sharing by delivering secure connectivity to applications, supporting data synchronization and content sharing from the cockpit, both in-flight and on the ground. It enables onboard applications to use any type of communication link with ground systems, including traditional ACARS or IP broadband links. It also allows airlines to define traffic priority handling across the applications, as well as the lowest-cost routes to use for connectivity.

In addition, SITAONAIR’s software vendor program guarantees qualitative integration with market-leading applications. Market standard APIs and testing facilities, combined with real world flight simulations, enable application providers and airlines to rapidly on-board new applications within the connected ecosystem.

AppsConnect® customers and developer partners benefit from SITAONAIR’s support service, which includes round-the-clock multilingual support and operations monitoring.
We also provide technical support when new airline applications are to be on-boarded into the AppsConnect® ecosystem.

Features and benefits

Enhances crew and aircraft applications with connectivity and real time application data

Allows homogenous and cost-effective integration of connected apps and different communication networks through a single service

Flexible aircraft independent software removes need for airline ground infrastructure investment

Cloud-based platform removes need for airline ground infrastructure investment

Airline-personalized data routing policies maximize data throughput and guarantee cost control

Secures information transfers from air to ground and within airline host ground infrastructure

Provides an integrated API to enhance applications with avionics data

24/7 monitoring and multilingual helpdesk from SITAONAIR

SITAONAIR AppsConnect® product shot