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Improving customer service is a key business driver for 69% of the world’s leading airlines. Cabin crews are the primary component in delivering an excellent passenger experience, as they spend more with passengers than any other airline employee.

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Airlines face a number of practical challenges in the digital transformation of their crew processes: how to provide access for the staff to information that is available on multiple backend systems in an efficient way? How to simplify the administrative tasks of the crew staff? How to use the passenger information to create a valuable on-board customer experience? Is there a successful method of improving the on-board shopping experience to grow ancillary revenue?

CrewTab can address these challenges.

Product description

CrewTab enhances cabin crews’ pre-flight, inflight and post-flight activities by digitizing paper and workflow processes. Through an easy-to-use tablet interface, CrewTab enables your people to deliver a range of services efficiently. By reducing time spent on paper-based admin, CrewTab allows your team to focus on delivering a personal service, which is enhanced by individual customer information. In a connected aircraft environment, a pleasant digital shopping experience can be provided to all passengers.

CrewTab helps airline cabin crews to solve existing problems and generate key benefits.

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Features and benefits

Personal Customer Service

Empower your cabin crew to deliver a personal service by providing them with passenger profiles, preference information, frequent flyer status and concierge services, with constant information updates. Ensure your cabin crew can deliver customer service with the support of apps for loyalty programme enrolment, VIP passenger messages and passenger incident compensation.


Enable your cabin crew to process up-to-date inventory, shopping data and real-time credit card authorization, helping to avoid fraud by removing the need to run the process after the aircraft has landed.

Paperless Crew Operations

Enhance your cabin crews’ business processes while lowering operating costs with context-based flight information, custom-made forms with prepopulated information that can be digitally signed. This data can then be sent to the right ground department for action and automated reporting. Upload all relevant manuals for the flight to the tablet and ensure reading of it when required.
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