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Effective collection of data gives an airline instantaneous detailed awareness of fleet performance, diagnostics and incident investigation. Fully managed automatic data retrieval solutions reduce delays, data loss and associated costs. This can be achieved by managing parts availability and ensuring better oversight and control over aircraft operations and dispatch.
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Airlines increasingly rely on aircraft data to enhance operational efficiencies. To do this, they require effective data management solutions to fully understand their aircraft data and ensure safer operations, on-time departures and arrivals, and improve customer satisfaction. The sensitivity of airline data means that data transfers need to be secured at all times, and this data only be shared with authorized stakeholders. Furthermore, with the non-negligible costs of moving data from aircraft to the ground, operators require a simple way to set policy based data routing instructions to make use of the least costly available communications links.

DataCapture can address these challenges.

Product description

DataCapture is a fully managed aircraft-to-ground solution that performs automatic acquisition of data from multiple aircraft systems. It captures, compresses and transfers this collected data automatically via available communication channels, based on operator selected business rules and priority based communications. This capability extents to all aircraft file types, which can be automatically synchronized and exchanged with SITAONAIR’s ground servers when the aircraft lands.

DataCapture is a purpose-built software developed in-house by SITAONAIR to be device agnostic, leveraging the full interface capabilities of any Aircraft Interface Device (AID). An airline can deploy DataCapture in two ways – either by installing it on existing Aircraft Interface Device (AID) hardware connected to the aircraft avionics systems, or together with an AID provided by SITAONAIR as part of a managed service.

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Data integrity and security being of upmost importance, the data collected by the software on board the aircraft is offloaded through the SITAONAIR Cloud, securely behind a firewall and inside a private VPN. As such, data is secure, consistently accessible, and allows our customers to avoid the costs associated with physical ground server implementations.

DataCapture is supported by SITAONAIR’s technical support staff, with round-the-clock multilingual support and access to the airline’s data. Combined with proactive service monitoring, maintenance analysts will get aircraft data accurately and on time.

Features and benefits

ARINC 717 QAR data capture

ARINC 429 decoding service

ARINC 834 ADBP service

Sophisticated communications management

Airline managed security policies and business rules

End-to-end data encryption

Large file transfers and data staging

24/7, 365 support

Provide your team with round-the-clock multilingual support, as well as access to technical support staff and proactive monitoring and resolution.
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