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The need to have processes connected in real time is fuelling a digitization trend in airlines, focused towards maximising the opportunities for improved operational efficiencies. The Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) is therefore a 'capstone' of pilot and aircraft-related digital processes.

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Airlines face a number of practical challenges when digitizing their operations. An electronic solution needs to be kept updated through complicated connection possibilities, as out-of-date operational data would render the information useless. An EFB must be compatible with mixed fleets, and still able to meet all requirements, while any data exchanged or processes followed must be audited, which is challenging due to the constant motion of the airline crews.

SITAONAIR EFB can address these challenges.

Product description

The EFB is a digital portfolio of the services and documentation that your pilots need to operate in an efficient, connected manner.

Mitigating the need for cumbersome, paper-based documentation, the EFB provides a highly transportable platform for pilots and works across mixed fleets.

A real-time connection through EFB means that your pilots are in communication with the ground at all times. Your pilots will have real-time weather information, route planning applications and aircraft health information, as well as a communication channel, at their fingertips.

When combined, these services can help your pilots manage disruptions across the air travel ecosystem, leading to reduced turbulence, better timekeeping and ultimately a safer, better passenger experience.

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