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Today’s passenger expects a consistent, high-speed internet connection at all times, even when in the air. The quality and availability of that connection can influence carrier choice.

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Providing a high speed, reliable internet connection for all passengers throughout their journey raises a number of unique challenges; a network needs to support a large amount of simultaneous, sustained connections in a reliable fashion, and make it simple to get online from multiple devices.

The future demand of more data-hungry devices, as well as the Internet Of Things, means the technology must be future proof, and able to cope with high-bandwidth usage such as online gaming and video streaming. There also needs to be a variety of touch points and payment options, so passengers can choose between pay-per-use or an ad-based freemium connection.

Gathering digital and physical passenger insights is the next logical step for an airline, to survive against a competitive environment. In order to provide a better or more personalised service while lowering their costs, an airline must react like a retail store currently facing those challenges on the ground.

Internet ONAIR can address these challenges…

Product description

Provide seamless Internet access to your passengers through Internet ONAIR, creating a personalised, interactive and enjoyable experience throughout their journey. Passengers can connect easily by simply opening a browser, as they would with a standard public hotspot.

With a fully customisable, interactive interface reflecting your airline’s branding, there’s flexibility to tailor and differentiate the online experience,

Internet ONAIR interview: personalizing the passenger experience

Marianne Lespes, Product Manager for Internet ONAIR, discusses how our solution, developed with airlines, helps you achieve the best level of passenger engagement. Click here.

Features and benefits

Dedicated customer care

Access a comprehensive set of support services for the full suite of connectivity products available around the clock, and in line with your overall care strategy towards your internal operations as well as your passengers.

Content filtering

Control passenger usage as part of specific connectivity offers, or prevent users to access web content set as inappropriate. If needed, set black and white lists based on a specific list of domains and URLs.

Onboard security

Secured HTTPS encryption from passenger device to payment gateway and preserved end-point level of security to target internet sites and VPNs.

Bandwidth prioritization

Manage the network resources with real-time policies based on service, subscriber, or usage context and optimize the available bandwidth to ensure the best service experience for passengers.

Service packaging

Offer specific benefits for a targeted audience based on passenger profiles and personalize the connectivity experience of your most valued customers, such as VIP or loyalty programme members.

Connectivity retail

Flexibly design your connectivity retail offering using a wide variety of criteria. Rely on a powerful billing engine that provides a variety of payment options and enable tracking, reconciliation and reporting at a B2B level.

Gather insights

Use inflight connectivity to capture user behaviours and enrich frequent flyer database. Enrich your own interactions with passengers in the air as well as on the ground and turn them into loyal brand advocates.

Passenger interface

Customize the internet portal to reflect your brand and deliver your messaging direct to customers. Offer a personalized experience to your passenger by identifying them with frequent flyer ID or seat number.

Wi-Fi as a differentiator

Increase customer satisfaction by offering public internet service in your aircraft easily accessible from all passenger devices. Offer complimentary Wi-Fi access as a special treat to increase customer loyalty.

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