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Providing a high speed, reliable internet connection for all passengers throughout their journey raises a number of unique challenges; a network needs to support a large amount of simultaneous, sustained connections in a reliable fashion, and make it simple to get online from multiple devices.

The future demand of more data-hungry devices, as well as the Internet Of Things, means the technology must be future proof, and able to cope with high-bandwidth usage such as online gaming and video streaming. There also needs to be a variety of touch points and payment options, so passengers can choose between pay-per-use or an ad-based freemium connection.

Gathering digital and physical passenger insights is the next logical step for an airline, to survive against a competitive environment. In order to provide a better or more personalised service while lowering their costs, an airline must react like a retail store currently facing those challenges on the ground.

Internet ONAIR can address these challenges…

Product description

Provide seamless Internet access to your passengers through Internet ONAIR, creating a personalised, interactive and enjoyable experience throughout their journey. Passengers can connect easily by simply opening a browser, as they would with a standard public hotspot.

With a fully customisable, interactive interface reflecting your airline’s branding, there’s flexibility to tailor and differentiate the online experience,

Internet ONAIR interview: personalizing the passenger experience

Marianne Lespes, Product Manager for Internet ONAIR, discusses how our solution, developed with airlines, helps you achieve the best level of passenger engagement. Click here.

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