Airline opportunities

Mobile phones offer the average traveller the opportunity to remain in contact at all times. Giving your passengers this opportunity in the air makes for stress-free journeys and onward travel.
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When supplying mobile phone connectivity inflight to your passengers there are a number of challenges to overcome; How will the wide variety of mobile phone carriers be serviced while in the air? How will the service be monetized once the passengers start using it? How can a seamless gate-to-aircraft service be supplied? The associated costs per call must also be communicated clearly and concisely to avoid dissatisfaction when the passengers’ bill arrives.

Mobile ONAIR can address these challenges.

Product description

Mobile ONAIR provides a seamless global inflight connection for phone calls, text messages and mobile data usage. This offers your passengers the chance to make travel or entertainment bookings, contact family members or communicate with colleagues while on board.

Features and benefits

No hidden costs or restrictions

The Mobile ONAIR network is a GSMA Premium operator, allowing for both contract and pre-paid tariff users to access a unique network of global, inflight roaming coverage. All costs are communicated in advance, and billed through the domestic carrier, appearing in the same manner as traditional roaming charges on a monthly bill.

Domestic service, inflight

Once connected, the passenger will experience a high-quality connection including broadband mobile data based on the 3.5 G standard.

Simple and seamless

A passenger simply needs to turn on their mobile phone, instantly gaining the ability to make calls, send text messages and connect to mobile data, providing the opportunity to send and receive emails, browse the internet and research onward travel.

Monetize connectivity

SITA Mobile ONAIR provides your passengers with a number of call and data bundles, providing a similar series of options to traditional roaming charges. This is all made available through their domestic phone service carrier, appearing as an additional charge on a monthly bill.
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