Airline opportunities

The vast majority of airline passengers possess Personal Electronic Devices, allowing each to enjoy tailored entertainment content on the move. With a seamless, high-speed connection onboard, every passenger can enjoy varied, bespoke entertainment content.
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Airlines face a number of practical challenges when offering online access to passengers, such as; providing a varied, comprehensive and personalised entertainment experience to all your passengers, creating a paperless environment with complete reliance on electronic devices and installing a solution without impacting existing technology.

ONAIR Play can address these challenges.

Product description

ONAIR Play provides every passenger with a personalized entertainment experience, supplying audio and video content direct to a personal electronic device. Live content can also be viewed, such as news and sports, as well as travel updates from the ground and crew. Content can be frequently, automatically and easily updated, giving up-to-date access to city guides and magazines. You can reduce the weight added, and therefore fuel required, by IFE devices without sacrificing the passenger experience. Installation is simple and doesn’t require physical intervention, plus creator-owned content, such as an airline-only channel, can be added easily.

Features and benefits